THE FACE SHOP Debuts CC Cushion

When CC Cushion became a hit last year, I quickly jump into the bandwagon to tried it. One of the best product I’ve tried would be THE FACE SHOP, Oil Water Control Cushion (read my review – This year, they’re debuting 2 new CC Cushion which is the CC Intense Cover Cushion and CC Ultra Moist Cushion.

TFS - CC Cushion

Just a quick refresher, CC Cushion is an advanced new cushion that has color control functions whilst providing long-lasting moisture to give your skin a radiant glow throughout the day. It is a makeup with skincare properties as it has SPF50+ PA+++ sunscreen protection. Let’s take a look to find out which is more suitable for your skin.


For those looking for a perfect and flawless skin, THE FACE SHOP ‘CC INTENSE COVER CUSHION’ is the perfect choice. The product is suited for mature and dehydrated skin. The texture is creamy and slightly thicker but it’s still easy to blend and gives off a luminous finishing. Clinically proven for 25 hour-lasting moisture with strong coverage effects. This product will help to hide all your skin imperfections creating  a flawless canvas without any flakiness, clumping and heavy feeling on it.


As for THE FACE SHOP ‘CC ULTRA MOIST CUSHION’ is good for those who wants a radiance glow.  This product is great to be used during cold weather as it prevents chapped skin. Suitable for those who have combination and oily skin. The texture is creamy but more lightweight and sheer with a dewy look finishing.  It’s also clinically  proven for 25 hour-lasting moisture with radiance effects as if applying essential serum.

The Face Shop CC Cushion

Both the CC Ultra Moist and Intense Cover Cushion applies ultra-low molecular hyaluronic acid that provides deep moisturizing properties. It contains the flower essential formula from 7 different flower oil essences to provide a brighter skin complexion.

Me trying out TFS CC

Application: Using the sponge puff , gently press and dab onto your face. For greater coverage, repeat the process.

Shades: Both products weight (15g) and is available in two shades, V201 Apricot Beige and V203 Natural Beige

Price: Both products are priced at  RM83.90 with refills priced at RM48.90 excluding 6% GST.

Both of the products are now available at THE FACE SHOP nationwide, for more information log on to their official website today!

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