Family Trip To Legoland @ Lego Star Wars Days

It’s been ages since we went on a family trip and our latest getaway trip is an inbound trip in Malaysia. Guess where we’re heading to yet? Yup, it’s Legoland and my kids are so excited about it.  I chose to go during the Lego Star Wars Days weekend as my elder son is a huge fan of Star Wars.

Compulsory family pic at the main entrance of Legoland

Before heading off my for my trip, I did some research on hotels, F&B outlets, ticket pricing to Legoland and so forth. While searching for hotel, I came upon  HotelsCombined and boy do they give have the best deals ever.  This site is wonderful for it offers the best deals available in agoda, expedia, get a room and many more. I did this 3 weeks in advance from my trip to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Our trip to Legoland is not without purpose as earlier mentioned we were there for the Lego Star Wars Days and during this weekend there were many activities held. One of the activity going on was the Activity Trail, where we look for clues and if we get all the answers correctly, we will win a Limited Edition Lego Star Wars Set home!

Thus, my first pit stop at Legoland Theme Park is the Star Ways Exhibition as some of the clues for the Lego Star Wars Days Activity Trail is inside. My son expression upon seeing the exhibition was priceless. He ran around pressing all the interactive sound buttons and was having so much fun with it.

After exiting the Star Wars exhibition, we continue on our trail but in between we managed to stop by at several of the Rides, Games and Shows available in Legoland and have some fun with it. Luckily for us that day the weather was pretty good.

Had our lunch at the one of the F&B outlets in Legoland, known as the Restaurant. The food is pretty good with decent pricing. Unfortunately, our good fortune didn’t last as the rain came pouring. Thank god there was the indoor theme park, Lego 4D Cinema, Lego Academy and others to keep my sons entertain.

We had to give up our Activity Trail journey due to the rain and miss the opportunity to see the biggest Millennium Falcon lego ever built. However, I cheered the kids up by bringing them to the gift shop to purchase some lego sets home.

Our final stop was the Legoland Water Park to let them enjoy some water games but our session is short as the weather was really chilly after the rain. (Note: It’s advisable to allocate 2 days for a trip to Legoland – 1 day each for both theme parks)

It was truly a fun trip but however the time wasn’t enough for the kids and me to enjoy everything. I’ll be planning another trip to Legoland again this year, hopefully this round the weather holds up. Till then, keep you up posted on my next trip.

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