Final Updated: Renewing maid’s passport on my own


Since, the birth of my first son, I had a live-in helper (aka maid) to help me out. She’s been working in my family for more than 12 years and most of time she’s even bossier than me. The last few years, Indonesia has refused to send in workers to our country especially as live-in-helpers, thus it’s getting difficult to renew their working permits and passport.

This happen to me yesterday when I tried to bring my maid to renew her passport on my own without an agent’s help. Luckily, the agent (Mrs.Lee) was kind enough to advise on the documentations and procedure about it. So, let me share what documents you need to prepare to bring your maid to the Embassy Of Indonesia to renew their passport.

Documents to prepare :

  •  2 x Employers photocopy IC
  • 2 x Maid’s photocopy passport
  • 2 x Maid’s photocopy insurance cover (Note: You must buy 1 Insurance for Malayasia & Indonesia respectively)
  • 2 x Maid’s photocopy permit
  • 1 x Letter stating the reason to renew passport (ie to get working permit) in BM

Maid passport

Now, you’re probably wondering why not save the hassle and get an agent to do it instead. Reason being an agent charges RM1,000++ to bring the maid over to the embassy. Why the high cost? It’s because it will take them 3 -4 days to get their passport done. Yes, it sounds crazy but so so true and here’s breakdown of the procedure to apply my maid’s passport:

Day 1 – (For working parents, please apply for a full day leave)

  • Start queing at the Embassy before 7am (Note: we woke up late and arrive at 8am, there were more than 100 people in front of us)
  • Next, I’ve got to sign a document declaring myself as the proxy for my maid (coz the actual employer is my husband)
  • Following that, I was ushered out of the Embassy and my maid was left to que and submit her documentations to renew her passport. (Note: During this time, she’s also filling up a form aka contract to state her employer’s details and current salary. For a maid who has worked more than 10 years, their salary exceeds RM1,000 ya)
  • After waiting for a day, she finally submits the documentation and was asked to returned the next day for photographs. Pls note you’ll need to pay RM20 upon submitting documentation.
  • Special note: Employers or proxy need not stayed back to wait together.
Be prepared to que the day away
Be prepared to que the day away

Day 2 –  (For working parents, please apply for a half day leave)

Yes, the dreaded photography session only took less than half a day.  To renew a 5 year passport it will cost RM50 but you can also opt to renew for 10 years however the cost will be around RM120. Some things to take note:

  • Once the date is set for photography and you fail to turn up. You’ll have to revisit the embassy and que for a number again.
  • Photography session is divided into 2 session i.e. 9am – 1pm (Morning will be given a red card) & 2pm – 5pm (Noon session will be given a yellow card).
  • After photos, next would be collecting the passport on the specific date & time given by the officer.

Day 3 –  (For working parents, please apply for a half day leave)

This is perhaps the fastest process among the others. I was there with my maid before 10am and it only took 30 minutes for her to collect it.

So in totality, I went to the Embassy for 3 rounds just to get the passport done for maid without much mishaps. Hopefully, 5 years later the Embassy will switch the format to get everything done in a day. After Raya, it’ll be time to renew her working permit and I prayed its not as time consuming as this.

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    1. that’s exactly what I thought who knew the hassle I’ve got to go thru. Great experience though hahaha

  1. Hello Carol,

    Thanks for this bit of info. It’s very helpful indeed! The bit about the proxy helps as helper under my brother’s name.
    I plan to do renew it myself as well as agent quoted RM1k+. I did it myself 5 years back, eventhough it took all day from 9am to 4pm! Thanks for the latest update on the documents and procedures.

    I have a few queries, maybe you can answer if you know:

    1) My Indon helper’s current passport expires in mid-October 2017. The work permit will expire in early-November 2016 (2 months away). How soon can I apply her new Indon passport for her?

    2) Any ideas how many pages the 10 year passport has? I don’t mind paying if it saves me the hassle for another 5 years!

    3) The document to sign as proxy – is only able to get from Indon embassy?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Danny,

      Glad I was able to help. Here’s what I understand about the procedure (assuming it didn’t change)
      1) To renew your maid’s permit, her passport must have at least 1 year. The embassy count the date from your maid’s permit expiry till end of her passport (Nov 16 – Oct 17). Thus, its advisable to renew her passport by this month. It’ll take 2 -3 weeks for it to be done.

      2) Can’t recall the pages for 10 year passport. But it’ll cost about RM100++

      3) I got the form at the embassy. They will pass it to the maid and get you to fill it up. You won’t be allow entry into the embassy itself. But you may check online ya

      Btw, the latest update is that Indon Embassy has allocated another place to collect the passport somewhere near Mandiri Bank (Jalan Chow Kit).

      All the best!

      1. Hello again Carol,

        Thanks for all the useful updates!

        My maid is going back for Hari Raya this year, and back again to Malaysia in a month’s time. Do we need to prepare any additional paperwork so that she will not have any issues coming back? Insurance still need to do for her? Anything else?

        Please advise if you know, or if there are any useful info. Many thanks!


        1. Usually no additional paperwork except its always best to equip your maid with a letter stating she has a job here

  2. Hi carol,thanks for sharing all this info!just for query,
    1-the letter for stating reason of renewal in bm,must be printed?
    2-can the employer help the maid fill in the contract over there?or the employer totally cannot be there inthe embassy
    3.around what time u were ushered out from the embassy?i was thinking maybe can go late to work since u dont have to wait there

    1. Hi Safia,

      1) yes, it must be printed. Language in BM
      2) The employer is not allowed into the embassy. Contract must be fill in before hand. I think you can print the contract form online.
      3) I dropped my maid at the entrance and she walked in herself. But I’ve asked my husband before, once the maid enter the embassy doors (reception), you’ll be asked to leave.

      Btw, take note that the embassy change their rules every few months. So is best, to check online to verify the details as I did mine about 4 months ago.

  3. Hi Carol, thank a lot for your most valuable information. Just wanted to ask, in 2013 I renewed my brothers maid’s passport in the same day. OMG now you all telling it takes 3 days! Is the procedure changed now? I’m worried I’m from Ipoh.

    1. This new procedure was intro I think in year end 2015. At first, I didn’t believe the hassle but seriously min it’s 2 days. My bro maid did her’s about 2 months ago. She also took 2 days. First day, que get number and do passport right away. Second round about a week later to collect passport. Btw, they got a new area to collect passport as well near Jln Ipoh, KL. So when collecting passport pls read the letter provided carefully where they ask you to pick it up.

  4. Hi Carol,
    Can u show me the letter in BM as a reference. I have to bring my maid to renew passport by coming wednesday n I had no idea about that letter. Looking forward for your quick reply. Thanks.

    1. Hi Vivian,

      sorry didnt see this comment till now something wrong with my box. Hang on, here you go:

      Kedutaan Besar Republik Indonesia Kuala Lumpur
      (Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia Kuala Lumpur)
      No. 233 Jalan Tun Razak,
      50400, Kuala Lumpur

      Date: XXX
      RE: Pembaharuan Passport Untuk XXX (Passport No: XXX)
      Merujuk kepada perkara diatas, Saya XXX dengan IC No XXX ialah majikan kepada XXX (Passport No: XXX) yang memerlukan pembaharuan passport untuk memohon permit pekerjaan dengan kita di Malaysia.
      Harap maklum dan sekian terima kasih diatas pertolongan anda.
      Jika anda mempunyai sebarang pertanyaan, sila hubungi saya di Tel:

      Yang benar,

      Owner Name & IC

    1. Hi Andre,

      Yes, it PA insurance & can be bought at any insurance company ie Allianz / Kurnia. I had a runner helping me to source out the insurance part + renew working permit. Only the renewal of passport I did on my own as the charges was quite high.

      1. Hi Carol, thanks for sharing your experience here…it really helps us a lot!!
        i just don’t quite understand about the insurance. You said we must buy 1 Insurance for Malayasia & Indonesia respectively. Does that mean we have to buy 2 policies for our maid? when i googled, i only found this:

        It is the right policy?

        1. Hi Hamimah,

          My insurance was bought by a runner. However, we I received my maid insurance there was 2 copies, one coverage in Msia & the other is Indonesia. I think is topped up to get the coverage for Indon.
          Hope this helps!

          1. Hi Carol,
            There was a make shift counter near the Indonesian embassy who had a paper sign that say 2 Insurance fee need to be paid for the maid renewal. However when the Insurance document were given by this ‘make shift’ counter staff, one Insurance is in the name of the maid (1 years) & one in the name of the employer (2 years) . And this is what they claim as buying 1 Insurance for Indonesia & 1 for Malaysia. The amount paid was RM90 each.
            While I understand the Insurance for the maid is mandatory, does the Insurance for the employer necessary?

          2. Hi Kathryn,

            Hm…checking my maid insurance policy both are in her name. I hired a runner to do this so I’m not really sure of the final procedure.

          3. Hi Carol,
            Thank you for putting up useful information pertaining to renewal of passport for maid.
            May I have your runner’s contact for purchase of insurance policy.
            Thank you.

  5. Hi Carol,
    Thank you very much. This is useful.
    Re: the contract – can you please clarify what contract this is?
    And how do we get this contract?
    I went to the Indonesian Embassy but could not find anything related to this contract.
    Is it a special form specifically for renewal of passport?

    Thank you very much,

    1. Hi Ann,

      Actually, I recall there’s a form to fill up just need to print it online from the Indonesia embassy. To be on the safe side fill up that form as well. Make sure you got two insurance policy (MUST BUY INDONESIA + MALAYSIA). Then I accompanied with a letter (for your reference)

      Kedutaan Besar Republik Indonesia Kuala Lumpur
      (Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia Kuala Lumpur)
      No. 233 Jalan Tun Razak,
      50400, Kuala Lumpur

      Date: XXX
      RE: Pembaharuan Passport Untuk XXX (Passport No: XXX)
      Merujuk kepada perkara diatas, Saya XXX dengan IC No XXX ialah majikan kepada XXX (Passport No: XXX) yang memerlukan pembaharuan passport untuk memohon permit pekerjaan dengan kita di Malaysia.
      Harap maklum dan sekian terima kasih diatas pertolongan anda.
      Jika anda mempunyai sebarang pertanyaan, sila hubungi saya di Tel:

      Yang benar,

      Owner Name
      IC No:

      Hope this helps 😀

  6. Hi Carol,

    Thanks for the helpful blog post. I will be doing my maid’s passport renewal for the first time this year *horrors*. Just a few questions:
    1) On the day of the photography, will in be done at the embassy as well? does this mean we can’t follow the maid in either?

    2) I noticed the Indonesian embassy passport section has not been updated since 2015. Is the work contract form the same as the one you got from the embassy? If it the same I will print and fill out so I don’t have to waste time.

    3) Is there a limit to the queue numbers given? I know getting there before 7am is ideal but to queue for over 2 hours is daunting.

    Thanks a bunch.

    1. Hi Serena,

      1) Photo using computer softawre (similar to our passport system). Ya, all employers not allow in the embassy.
      2) Use the same form for the moment. Not sure whether they’ve got new forms in the embassy.
      3) Yes, there’s a que limit. Its advisable to arrive before 6.30am. I arrived at that hour, the que was already to the gate but then again I went close to Raya holidays

      Hope this helps 😀

      1. Hi Carol,

        Thanks for all your info. Took your advise and went at 6.30 am. There was a small queue. Whole process took half a day and we are to collect the passport 3 working days later. I guess it depends on how many people came to the embassy. The only tedious thing about the whole process is the waiting part.

        BTW, another info update. Behind the photocopy of passport (either front or back copy), the applicant has to write their name, address and contact number in Malaysia and address and contact number (relative) in Indonesia. Plus you need 3 copies of Kontrak Kerja to submit at counter 1-3. The Kontrak Kerja is the same downloadable from Indonesian Embassy website.

        1. Hi, can share with downloadable link for the contract/ Kontrak kerja ? I can’t seem to find it on the embassy site. Thanks

          1. hi karen
            I also could not find the kontrak kerja on the embassy’s website. When u go to the embassy, u obtain it from them.
            I had downloaded a kontrak kerja but it was the Msian immigration’s one. So got told off at the embassy counter. So they gave the actual one from the embassy. Just fill in there. No worries

  7. Hi Carol,

    Thx for your article.

    When getting the que number, is there any other form being given (e.g. form for passport renewal)? i.e. other than contract document..

    the process did change a lot, last time, 1 day complete all.

    1. Hi Malinda,

      While queing for number there’s not other form given. Once the officer checked all the documents, they will give you another number which also state the day/time you must return to complete the final process.

      However, as this was done last year July/Aug 2016, I’m unsure whether there are additional changes to the system. It’s getting complicated to renew your maid’s passport on your own. I was truly lucky to have some guidance from an agent friend .

      All the best in your maid renewal progress 😀

    1. Hi Hamidah,

      Perhaps you can contact the insurance and ask them personally. Sorry, I can’t give more info about this.

    2. At the parking area next to the Indonesian embassy, there are 2 insurance agents. You can buy from them. My maid’s policy costs RM90 per year. They also have photocopy services and can tell you what documents to photocopy. They even give extra copies of the insurance cover for free. 🙂

      It takes only 10 minutes to complete and you need to make payment in cash.

      Hope this helps.

  8. Hi Carol
    Thanks for putting up all the required documents for renewal of maid’s passport.
    I will be doing my maid’s passport renewal this Sunday.
    Hopefully all is in order.


  9. Hi Carol,

    Thanks for your sharing of info, I just noted that I also need to renew for my maid’s passport and yes the price quoted from the agents are bomb. I have my below questions in my mind:-
    i) I read your post that you mentioned after you arrived at the Embassy, you (us as employer were not allowed to enter).
    Q1-Does this mean maid has to go thru the renew & fill up form all by herself without us to accompany her? How would she be able to fill up the form by herself if she has no idea of how to fill up? How can I sign the document declaring myself as the proxy for my maid (coz actual employer is my husband) if they don’t allow us (employer) to enter into Embassy?
    Q2-Then, upon collection of the maid new passport, is it collect at the Embassy or Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia? As MYEG told me that the maid with new passport / passport extension have to go JIM to update their record, do you have to go thru this step?

    ii) PA insurance (both MY & INDO) and Surat Cuti for maid to go back holiday, you mentioned that you had runner to do on your behalf. Are you able to share runner contact with me or can you call me so I can ask your runner help to do the same. My contact no. is 016-2080261 or can I have your contact no so i can call you direct to check further in more detail.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon!

    1. Hi May Kwan,

      1) it’s true we’re not allowed in the embassy. When you enter the reception counter, the officer will provide all the documents you need. Once you’ve filled it up, passed it on to the maid. I recall my sis in law downloading the forms from the official website. For proxy, you may prepare the letter in advance with photocopy IC of your husband + get him to sign on the letter. My maid has went to the embassy few rounds so she’s familiar with the routine, she filled up everything on her own.
      2) My maid passport collection was at the Embassy of Indonesia. However, for my sis-in-law, they asked her to collect the passport in an office located in Jalan Ipoh. So it actually depends on where the officer say to collect.
      3) I’ll pass your contact to my runner and get her to be in touch with you.

      Some things written in this blog might not be updated nor 100% accurate. It’s lucky that my runner advise me on the necessary steps 😀

  10. Hi Carol,

    I happened upon your blogsite last Sunday, a day before taking my maid to the embassy to gat her passport renewed. It was extremely helpful.

    I would just like to present my experience yesterday. Some things had changed since last year I guess.

    I arrived at the parking lot next to the embassy at about 9.40 am. I was lucky as there was a parking space for me at that hour. I bought the required insurance policy there. RM180 for both Malaysia and Indonesia.

    We (myself as majikan, my wife, and my maid) entered the side gate to the embassy. The officer at the gate told the maid to Q inside while I was to Q at the inner separate room to present supporting documents (a copy of the maid’s passport, work permit, my IC, employment contract, insurance).

    I was done in less than 10 minutes. My maid Q’ed for about 25 minutes to get her documents checked(her passport, a copy of her passport, permit and my IC) and be issued a number. By the time she had gotten her number, the embassy personnel had announced for those with the number xxxx and above to come back after 2pm. So we had 3 plus hours to kill, we took a taxi to Suria KLCC for lunch (didn’t want to lose my parking spot next door).

    We came back and Q’ed for about 30 minutes before my maid’s number was called. We will be picking up her passport at Jalan Ipoh this Thursday.

    All in all it was pretty smooth.

    1. that’s awesome.let’s hope they maintain this system 😀

      p.s: just avoid Raya…coz it takes longer

    2. Salam Nazli, price for renewal is still the same as stated by carol which is rm 50 for 5 years n rm 120 for 10 years?

  11. Hi carol. Can anyone introduce me to agents who can help to renew passport for my maid. I am willing to pay the rm1000 as my maid looks after my baby. I am unable to bring her three times

  12. Hi Carol. Where can I get a copy if employment contract for purpose of renewing maid’s passport at Indon embassy. I tried on their website but can’t get it. Thanks

    1. Hi Ai Hoon,

      My maid got the form at the embassy and filled it up on her own. Coz she’s been with me for 10 yrs so quite well verse in filling the forms 😀 Your maid can also come out to ask you to fill the form only reenter to que. *best see if you can follow her in to fill up the form and then only proceed to que*

      Hope it helps.

  13. Hi,
    Does the maid’s new passport need to be updated at Immigration Dept? Can I send a representative to do that?

    Please advise.

  14. hie
    Thank you so much for your explanation. I will be doing mine next week in Penang. Hopefully all goes well. In addition to your info , i called the embassy in Penang and I need to prepare a bank account on my maid’s name.

    I just have a question. How many copies of the kontrak kerja I have to prepare?
    thank you.

  15. Hi Carol,

    I am to bring my maid this monday to renew her passport. May i know how much in total u have to pay for renewing the passport? Not including insurance so that i can prepare cash in advance

    1. can’t really remember the exact figure as it’s been sometime ago. Just prepare about RM800 is more than enough.

  16. Hi Carol,

    Thank you for this very informative blog entry. I’m sure many find it to be very useful. I have some questions though. I already have an authorization letter from my husband for me to be his proxy. My question is – who’s name and signature need to be on the Kontrak Kerja? Can I sign on behalf of my husband under the ‘Employer/Majikan’ signature column? Another thing, it also requires a witness to sign the Kontrak, this can be done by anyone right? And the date of the Kontrak, should we date them on the day we go to the Embassy or can it be dated earlier if the kontrak is to be signed by my husband?

    Thanks for you feedback 🙂

    1. You can sign on behalf as you’ve the proxy letter. Yes, true witness can be anyone. date it on the day is better. hope it helps.

  17. Hi carol,
    Just wondering shall we renew the work permit first or the passport? Tq for all the info you had shared!

  18. thanks so much for the info..its surely will safe my taking my maid tommorow to renew her pasport.. she has been with us for 13 years.. the last time i renewed her pasport was 3 years back.. by reading your blog it certainly make me prepare all the documents needed ..

    thanks a lot..

  19. Hi Carol,
    Planning to bring my maid to renew her passport. The only concern is maid is illiterate. My question is, can we fill up the form required to fill up by her from website before we go to embassy to queue up? Is that possible?

    Thanks and Regards,

    1. yes if the form is online you can fill it up for her. 😀 or optional when she get the form, bring it to you to fill up on the spot.

  20. Hi Carol, your post has been very helpful. We had the same experience except that the photo was taken the same day. Will be collecting the passport after three working days.

    However, MyEg mentioned that i will need to go to the Malaysian Immigration department to update the system before i can get MyEg to renew the work permit.

    Do you know which immigration dept i should go to, the one in Jalan Duta or Putrajaya?

    thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Gina, not really sure about the immigration dept part as I did not go thru MyEG. Best way to find out is to call the immigration dept 😀

  21. Thank you for the useful info. May I know the total expenses incurred including insurance, permit and passport charges (5 yrs)? What about FOMEMA?

      1. it depends on how many years they’ve been working for you. However, new Indonesian maid entering Malaysia is getting about RM900 – RM1K

  22. Hi Carol.. Your post is really helpful! But i have a few more question..
    1) what is the minimum duration to renew the maid’s passport before the passport expired? (My maid’s passport will be expired in May 2018, am i too late alrdy?)
    2) what is the minimum duration to renew the maid’s permit before the permit ends? (My maid’s permit will end Oct 2017)
    3) is there any problem if my maid want to go back to Indonesia for holiday next month if the passport n permit have not been renewed yet?

    Thank u in advance 🙂

    1. Hi Giselle, glad to be of help. Here’s my replied to your queries:
      1) Should her permit be valid then you may renew her passport 6 months before expiry date.
      2) Permit needs to be renew 1 month in advance. Thus, you will need to renew her passport before then (Example: Permit expires Oct 17. Passport validity 1 year must be till Nov 18. Calculation of 1 year is counted from expiration of permit date). In other words, you need to bring your maid to renew passport before going to do permit.
      3) Can go back but must make sure she returns in July/ early Aug. She need to renew her passport by before Sept.

      Hope the info helps 😀

  23. Hi Carol,
    Thanks a lot for the useful information!
    Another questions.. 1) is it still compulsory to get the KTKLN card when the maid is going back for holiday? I read other blog it is no longer needed. Letter from the majikan would be enough. But i also came accross other blog who said it is still compulsory. Now im confused..
    2) Do we give the Visit Pass (Temporary Employment) card to the maid when she is going back, or just give the photocopy one?
    Thank you..

    1. Hi Carol, thank you for sharing and your response to queries. Here’s my situation with my maid of 11 years. Contract ended 26 May 2017. KTKLN ends 22 July 2017. Work permit ends 27 Jan 2018. Passport ends 22 Oct 2018. She wants to go back to Indonesia for 2 weeks on 23 June 2017. What do I need to renew?

      1. Hi PF, Contract definitely needs to renew. Work permits + passport renewal can wait till she return from Indonesia. I’m not sure what’s KTKLN so can’t help with that.

    2. woah I wont be able to answer that question as I’m not a runner. Just basically sharing my experience on bringing my maid to renew passport on my own.

  24. Brought my maid to renew her passport this morning. Reached Indonesian Embassy at 7.40 a.m. First thing was to buy two insurance for the maid, one for Indonesia and one for Malaysia, total cost is RM180. Then we queued up for the number. The number she got was A100 (There are B, C, D too). While waiting for her turn to renew the passport, I queued up at counter 3 which is for renewal of Kontrak Kerja for maid. The documents needed for renewal of kontrak kerja are a copy each of maid’s passport, employer’s IC and maid’s permit. I was told that the maid’s salary must be at least RM1000 since she has worked for three years. All counters opened at 9.00 a.m. At 11.40 a.m., it was my maid’s turn. There are 25 counters opened. Three are for kontrak kerja while the rest are for passport renewal. Now the new policy is it takes 4 working days to collect the new passport. So, we need to go back on Tuesday (13-6-2017) to collect the passport and the kontrak kerja. Employer no need to present himself / herself for the collection of passport. If I am not mistaken, the entrance gate was closed by 10.00 a.m. or earlier than that depending on the crowd. I should say the Embassy’s staff are quite efficient as it takes me only two hours plus (calculating from the time the counter opened) to get the work done although my maid’s number was A100.

  25. Today’s queue was very long too as now is bulan puasa also. If reach there between 7.00 and 8.00, by 1.00pm should get the thing done.

  26. Hi Carol,

    I have a few questions regarding Kontrak Kerja and Insurance.

    1) What meant by renewal of kontrak kerja? as I dont have the kontrak for the previous period. This is the first time we sign the kontrak kerja. Is the kontrak kerja has due date?

    2) Who should be the witness of the contract?

    3) I have asked the insurance agent for coverage in Malaysia and Indonesia, but they only mentioned the coverage in Malaysia, but insurance in Indonesia is only applicable when the maid is in Indon or travel back to Indon.
    Is that compulsory to have both coverage in Malaysia and Indonesia.

    1. Hi Yi Ching,

      1) Work contract is a document we need to submit for passport renewal. It’s just a simple letter prepare at your own end.
      2) There’s no need for witness as it’s not a legal binding contract
      3) When renewing passport is compulsory to have both.

      Hope the info helps 😀

  27. Hi, do you have any idea for overstayed maid? I had hired a maid without working visa & my agent was disappeared. The passport still valid but they are only entry visa with 3 mths… which had expired. How can i apply the working visa for her if she only hold entry visa as visitor.


    1. Hi Abby, I’m not too sure about this but its best to get an agent to do it. Coz this takes about 2-3 months to get the paperwork in order and go thru the necessary govt dept. If you like I can recommend my agent to you. You may email me at [email protected]

  28. Thank you Carol and everyone posted here. Would like to share my experienced on 3rd of July, 2017. Renew my maid passport because wanted to renew her work permit. Yes. Its a whole day processed. Arrived there around 7.10am bought local insurance and Indonesia insurance at the Carpark cost $180 after that maid Q for 10 mins then go in to the gate around 7.35 am. By 8.15 am I entered to the Embassy from side gate (Gate B). I called my maid she still Q near Gate A. By 9.40 am she got the number A209 and I saw on call number was A12. Gosh…..we waited till 12.30pm went up to the Canteen for Lunch. …Nice Nasi Padang. By 2pm the number was A48…?. Then I asked around. Few persons told me not to go away….if I go away number passed then my maid has to Q up for new number again……..Believe or not inside the Indonesia Embassy they started work at 8am and finished at 5.40 am……..only break on Lunch Hour at 1pm till 2pm. Me and I maid waited until 9.3pm then her number called she went to counter 25 and the officer asked her how much salary a month. How many people at home? Does she need to cook at home? Then paid Rm48 for 5 years new Passport. Take note there is only 5 years renew passport and don’t have 10 years. And ask her collect her passport on 7th July (Friday). On 7th July we reached the embassy at 10am enterd by side gate(Gate B). Passed by Visa Counter and into passport collection room showed a slip to the Uncle and get a number. Was waiting until 11.45am her number called and collected. Yahoo….. On 10th July I alone bring her New and Old passport and Old Passport to Bandar Utama Myeg office wanted to renew her work permit. Then an officer said now on we need to DIY on the computer. But he assist me when I was doing it. Unfortunately, the computer showed the her new passport number invalid. The myeg staff told me because new passport I didn’t bring it to Verify it. WTH….Must go to Putra Jaya Or Shah Alam (PKNS). Then I drove to PKNS to verify maid’s passport. The officer told me I can renew my maid permit at PKNS too….2 Years and I paid $1,095.00 for 2 years permit. If at Myeg I need to paid $610 a year. Then next year need to go again. And worst part is asked customers DIY. Sorry for long Story. Thanks for reading.

    1. Hi William, did you say you reached embassy at 7.10 am and finished at 9. 30 pm?? But I thought the embassy closed at 5.30pm?? But tx for sharing.

    2. “2 Years and I paid $1,095.00 for 2 years permit” –> Wow, this is new! Not only that it is cheaper but also lessen the hassle to renew the permit yearly.

  29. Hi carol,

    Am i allowed to help renew maid passport under my brother in law’s ? He just need to sign the proxy letter , is it correct?

  30. Hi 🙂 great info! My maid has requested to go back to Indonesia to renew her passport. Expires in April 2018. She said Indonesians can only renew twice in the Malaysian embassy which she she has. So hence, she has to return home to renew. Is this true?

  31. Hi Carol,

    Have you renewed your maid’s passport and how long it took? I’m going tomorrow so wanna get the latest info if possible

  32. Hi carol. My maid permit is under my husband’s name. Can i renew my maid’s passport without my husband’s presence? Also, is it true that the maid must have her own bank account to show that salary is credited into the account and we need to show the copy of the bank account?

  33. Let me share my experience renewing my maid’s passport on the 10/8/2017. We went to the Indonesia embassy by uber at 6.10 arrived at about 6.40am. There were two queues one to the right for collection of new passport and to the left for renewal of passport . Thank God the queue wasn’t very long about 100 people.

    While my maid was queuing I went to buy insurance for Indonesian side as I already bought the Malaysian insurance at the post office a day before. It was rm 63 for one year. At the insurance counter next to the car park, I was told that we needn’t buy insurance for Indonesian side as the system has been down for few months. Here the insurance Malaysian side is rm 90 for two years.

    The queue started moving at 8am. As there were three lines for the ladies queue, the third queue next to the man’s queue was told to line up again! So please be reminded to follow the innermost queue near to the wall or you will have to start from the end of the queue again.

    Once inside, maids have to queue again for checking of documents that include her original passport, one photocopy of her passport front and last page and work visa and one photocopy of employer’s ic. Please remember to write behind her photocopy front page of passport, her name, address in Malaysia, phone number in Malaysia, name of next of kin in Indonesia, her address in Indonesia and phone number.
    And again Please remind your maid to follow queue next to the counter as there will be more than one queues and she will be told to queue up again.

    At 9am, employers can go into the embassy through the right gate which lead to the room for new passport collection. Walk straight down and turn left into the big hall and straight to counter 1-3 and queue up to submit Two copies of work contract, one photocopy of front and back of maid passport and work permit and one photocopy of maid insurance Malaysia side and one photocopy of employer’s ic. Please download work contract at their websit and fill up before coming. Print only on one side. A number will be given for collection of work permit on the day to collect new passport.

    I’m more than happy that everything is done by 10.45 am when my maid’s number is A062!!

    On the 15/8, we reached about 7.30 got queue number 138 but managed to collect both documents by 9.30am. Thank God!!

  34. Today 16/8 I went to Malaysian immigration in Jalan duty to update my maid’s passport and it took less than 10 minutes. But unfortunately renewal of work permit is not allowed here nad has to be done online. Anyone besides William has renewed the work permit at Shah Alam (PKNS) at a much cheaper rate RM 1095 for two years please let me know asap. Online renewal is only for one year at RM 610 and the sticker takes 7 working days to arrive by post.
    Anyone has done it for two years in Shah Alam please please respond to my call….thanks in advance.

  35. Hi carol thanks so much for the useful info. Just want to know if after getting the new passport and updated her passport at immigration, can we renew her work visa at the immigration like what William did for two years and at a cheaper rate.
    I was at the Jalan duta immigration yesterday to updat the new passport but immigration officer refuse to do renewal of work visa though I’m already there. Anyone beside William has done it recently at Shah Alam PKNS ? TIA.

  36. Hi, can I know where to print the kontrak kerja or employment contract online? Many says can print it fr Indonesia embassy website but I can’t find it .. can anyone share me the link pls? Thx

  37. Hi Carol,

    I found your information quite useful and would like to share my experience on renewing passport / permit for my maid at Indonesian embassy / immigration in early September 2017. Some changes are there.

    Upon arrival at car park next to embassy at 7.30am, an ‘agent’ directed me to get insurance – now only Malaysian coverage required, RM 90 for 26 months. The guy said to get insurance before joining queue at embassy gate. Wasn’t a busy day apparently. Please don’t get conned into buying shoes for maid. Now employer can go in with maid but maid gets in queue for number whilst employer can sit and wait nearby.

    Once maid gets the number for passport renewal, that is where the long wait begins. The insurance guy said if strictly renewal of passport no need to do kontrak kerja. Also nowadays cannot seem to download the kontrak kerja forms from embassy website. But others were doing and to avoid delay, went to the left side of the hall where there were blank contract forms in duplicate to be filled (quite easy and straightforward to fill, but you need to ask people around to be witnesses). So while waiting for passport renewal, filled up the forms and must go with maid once kontrak kerja forms filled to submit to an officer at the kontrak kerja counters on left side of hall. I put in 900 but was asked to change to 1000 as salary per month. Also contract is only for 1 year (I had put 2). Documents required here are photocopies of employer ic, maid’s passport details page, most recent permit page and last page (must write M’sian and Indonesian contact details on front of details page photocopy – name, address and telephone number). Brought 2 sets of these documents as may require other set at passport renewal counter. Was told to come and collect processed kontrak kerja the same day as collecting maid’s new passport. I’ve no idea why this whole thing has to be done, not sure if contract is actually binding. But when the maid gets called at passport renewal counter later, that officer asked if kontrak kerja form had been filled and submitted. So just do only lah. No interview for maid.

    Then just wait for passport renewal number to be called (called at 12.45pm) and maid goes to ‘Loket’ or counter. At counter was asked if wanted to renew ‘tipis’ or fewer pages passport, said yes, told to give maid RM48 and employer waits at waiting area while they do the process, take photo etc. Takes 5 to 10 minutes here and you’re done. 4 working days to collect passport, told to come at 11am. So left embassy at 1pm.

    On 4th working day, went at 11am, collected passport and the kontrak kerja (2 copies given, 1 for maid and 1 for employer). All done in 15 minutes, very fast and efficient. Employer no need to come on this day but I took the maid because needed to go to Jalan Duta immigration (Kompleks KDN) after that to update new passport details into the MyEG system. This was also very fast and efficient (tip – go to the topmost floor where previously maid permit renewal done, faster to do there then at the 1st floor). Documents needed is 1 copy photostat of employer IC, maid’s new and old passport details page and most recent maid permit sticker page (so 4 photostat pages). Also bring new and old passport original. Must fill up a form which they give. Maid not needed to be present at immigration. MyEG details updated and all in took 15 minutes at immigration.

    Went home and applied for new permit online, done in 5 minutes. RM 610. Now waiting for MyEG to deliver the permit. Must inform whoever at home to give new passport for them to paste it in!

    Hope this helps.

    1. woa…thanks for sharing. Seems like it’s getting easier to get it done. Indonesian embassy is doing a good job *bravo*

  38. Just to share of my experience in renewing my maid’s passport and work permit.
    I went to renew my maid’s passport on 5 December 2017 (Tues) at the Indonesian Embassy, KL. I reached the Embassy at 8.20 am, using Waze which took us through NPE (which is not a good idea as it overshoots the Embassy on Jalan Tun Razak after using the SMART Tunnel). It is better taking the KESAS then the MEX highway if you are coming from Subang Jaya. Parking lot next to Embassy was full so I drove further round the corner and parked at Restoran Hadramawt. Tout charged us RM8 for the whole day.
    At entrance to Embassy (on the right side), guard allowed both of us to enter after enquiring our purpose and a cursory glance at the maid’s passport. Maid was told to queue downstairs to take photo (free). Employers are told to wait upstairs. Crowd was about 300 people, but there were enough chairs to sit. Officer downstairs took her photo, her passport, a copy of her passport and a copy of the employer’s identity card. No other document was taken although I had prepared her work contract, copies of her bank statement and remittance receipts, as well as letter requesting renewal of passport. He then gave her a number – A264. This process took 15 mins. She was told to wait in the hall upstairs for her number to be called. When she came up, the number being called was A 030.
    There are 8 types of numbers (A, B, C, D, F, K, L and M) and 22 counters open. Counters are not specific to type of number. After waiting for a while, I enquired and was informed that if the maid has a valid work contract, the employer need not be present. Also learnt it was a huge crowd as the Friday before the weekend had been a holiday and so that contributed to the large number of applicants (lesson learnt – never attempt these applications after some holiday).
    So, I decided to go home because I was told it would be a long wait. The officers at the Embassy were pleasant and polite although I was told sometimes they have to work really long hours.
    Maid was finally called at 6.10pm, after more than 8 hours! (lunch break from 1.00 – 2.00pm). For those who need food, there is a canteen downstairs. There was no interview ( not sure why), just asked her current address in Malaysia and then told to make payment of RM48 (Thin passport – meaning fewer pages). All passports are valid for 5 years. She was then given a receipt and told to come back on Friday (8th Dec) after 11.00am.
    On Friday, 8th Dec, I reached the Embassy at 11.00am and went downstairs (where the maid had queued to take photo). At the entrance, a man checked the receipt and gave a number (A388) and I was told to wait. Number being served was A370. There were 2 counters serving A and one counter for M.
    Observed that each person was served in about 1 min. My turn – officer asked for verification as I was collecting on behalf of my maid. Had to show copy of my husband’s identity card (as he is the employer), my identity card as well as the letter of authorization by my husband. He also noted my telephone number in case of any complication. Only then did I receive the new passport. Time check – 11.30am.
    Next process was to go to the Immigration Office to update the maid’s new passport. As I stay in Shah Alam, I went to branch at Kompleks PKNS.
    Visited the office on 13th Dec (Wed) at 11.40am – 2nd Floor, Counter 21 (Bahagian Pembantu Rumah). Officer (Ms Sarojini) was very polite and helpful. As my husband (the employer) was present, just showed the old and new passports and employer’s identity card. Told to wait and after 15 mins was told to make payment for the permit at the cashier’s counter. Paid RM 610 and was given a receipt and told to come back in about 2 hours. Had my lunch and was back at 12.30pm and collected the maid’s identity card and passports with the permit done. Yay!!
    1. The new passport information has to be uploaded at the Immigration Office where the maid’s file is registered. For new passports, permit is done at the Immigration Office not through MyEG.
    2. Don’t visit the Embassy after a long weekend or a holiday – otherwise expect long wait
    3. If maid has a valid work contract, employer need not be present
    4. Once the maid receives her passport, make sure she signs it before applying to renew work permit.
    5. Documents needed :
    a) For maid with work contract
    Original Copy
    i Passport √ √ (2)
    ii Work Permit √ √ (2)
    iii Identity Card of Employer √ (2)
    iv Letter requesting renewal of Passport √
    v Valid work contract √ √ (2)
    vi Identity card of applicant if employer not present √
    vii Letter of authorization if employer not present √

    b) For maid without valid work contract – employer must be present or representative
    Original Copy
    i Passport √ √ (2)
    ii Work Permit √ √ (2)
    iii Identity Card of Employer √ (2)
    iv Letter requesting renewal of Passport √
    v Bank Statement –showing minimum of RM1000 √ √
    vi Remittance statements for last 6 months – if any √ √
    vii Insurance for the maid √ (2)
    viii Identity card of representative if employer not present √
    ix Letter of authorization if employer not present √

    • Documents listed above are based on what I read from other blogs and not from any official website

    6. Write maid’s Malaysian address ,Indonesian address and a contact telephone number on the copy of the passport.

  39. HI Everyone, my husband just renewed my helper’s passport. A lot of changed, you can now booked ahead and choose your day and time on the Indonesian Embassy’s website. He picked a 2-3pm slot and was served accordingly. Minimum waiting time. He took the MRT to Tun Razak Exchange, so no parking issue. All documents required are listed clearly in the website. He got home around 430, including waiting for Grab’s car to send him home from TTDI MRT. We stays in PJ. You still have to wait a few days to collect the passport but the collection was also a pleasant experience with minimum waiting.
    We think Jokowi has done a great job, improving civil services.

  40. I would like to share my experience when I renewed my maid’s passport this morning and it is the most pleasant and pain free experience.

    I’ve prepared all the required documents in advance including:

    2 copies of maid’s passport ( 1st, 2nd and last page and the page of the current permit
    2 copies of employer’s IC
    2 copies representative IC (my father is the employer)
    1 copy of Insurance Coverage ( bought in advance from Post Office for RM63 per annum
    1 copy of Authorization Letter
    (Bring extra set of you are unsure, which I did)

    I have log on to the Indonesian Embassy two days before to make an advance booking. The steps are simple and took me just two minutes to complete. I’ve booked the 10am to 11am slot to avoid rush hour traffic. Once you have registered, you will be sent an email with a QR code. Download the code to scan at the embassy for your number.

    I left home this morning at 8.55am and arrived at the embassy around 9.15am. I parked at the Kenanga building next to the embassy which charges RM5 per hour. I found a spot as soon as I am in.

    I was way too early when I arrived at the embassy. Once through the gate, I went to the reception and scanned my QR code and was given another person’s name. The pleasant gentleman checked my details and politely told me I am too early and needed to wait till 9.45am for my booking. We sat nearby for a while and at 9.50am, we got our number L009. We went into the room with all the locket and I asked my maid to wait while I went into the other room with Counters 30-32 to process the work contract. I was given 2 copies of the contract to complete and was told to return with my maid to sign the contract. The lady was very helpful and gave me the blank contracts when I told her, I did not have any blank ones (I brought along my maid’s old contract from 2014 thinking I could just extend it).

    Upon my return, my maid told me her number was called and she had submitted her application. It was only 10.05am. In 5 mins time time she was called again to take her photo, make her payment of RM48 for a five year passport. It all took roughly 8 minutes. And we are done. We were issued a receipt and we are to collect the passport on 19/02/2018 at 9am.

    We proceed to Counter 30 to process and sign the contract and it just took 10 minutes to complete. We were given a number to collect the contract on the same day as we collect the passport.

    We are all done by 10.35am (Yes! The whole thing took us just 35mins) and arrived home at 10.55am. Gosh! Two hours and plenty to time to spare me the rest of the day to complete all my CNY chores!

    Well done and Thank you to the Indonesian Government, President Jokowi and staff at the embassy for making passport renewal for Indonesian citizens so easy and quick. This shows a Government who cares for their citizens abroad!

    Now let’s hope passport collection is just as plain sailing as well!

    1. Oh by the way, I’ve to forgotten to mention that you need to include Maid’s address and contact no in Indonesia and Employer’s address and contact number in Malaysia. I wrote it all down on a separate piece of paper and was accepted with no question asked ( as opposed to writing it down on the photocopied passport). I’ve prepared this in advance along with all the other documents!

  41. Just a quick update on my maid’s passport collection.

    On 19/02/2018, I took my maid to collect her passport. We left home at 9am and arrived at the the embassy at 9.15am. There was no traffic along Jalan Tun Razak that morning as everyone is still on their CNY break. I parked at the Kenanga building like I did previously.

    We entered through the second gate and went to a counter where we were given a number to collect the passport. Our number was 290. We were asked to go upstairs to collect her passport. When I saw the screen it was 234., and I thought to myself this could be a long wait. So I decided to go downstairs to collect the work contract. The lady told me that it has not been endorsed and I should come back later that afternoon or tomorrow to collect it. She was rather apologetic about this but it was the long weekend, hence a little hiccup. I wasn’t too bothered about this as I don’t need this to renewed my maid’s work permit.

    I went upstairs and the number was 256. That was quick, I thought as I was barely gone for 10 minutes. A man suddenly called out for numbers 260 to 300 to enter the collection area. Once in there, it was so systematic. Numbers were called quite quickly. In about 20minutes time, it was our turn. My maid handed over her receipt and old passport and was given her new passport which she put her signature on the last page. We were all good to go. Time check, 9.55am. Pick up my car, and were home by 10.20am. (By the way I live along Jalan Klang Lama)

    After dropping her off at home, I went straight to Immigration Department near Jalan Duta to update the new passport details. When I arrived, there was a long queue leading up to the building and I thought, Oh My, long day ahead. However, it was not half bad. I got a parking spot after making just one round and it was right in front of the building. I went straight up to the second floor to the 1 Serve unit and was given a form to fill. Other than the form, you will need 1 photocopy each of the old passport, (front, back and the page of the permit), new passport(front and back), employer’s IC and representative’s IC. Attached all these with the completed form and take a number. I waited roughly around 25minutes before I was called. Hand over everything and it was processed immediately. This took just 10minutes or slightly less. All done, and now ready for the renewal.

    I went to the 1st Floor where renewals are done. I took a number and there was about 15 people ahead of me. I waited for 45 minutes before my number was called. I was told by the officer they do not issue permit renewal now and everything is done through MyEg. And as my maid’s permit expired that same day, I will have to go to MyEg headquarters at Bandar Utama to do it. GASP! Why didn’t they tell me so when I asked for a queue number! The officer was kind enough to let me know all details were updated in the system and provide me with MyEg address and phone no.

    I drove to Bandar Utama and found the building easily. It is next to Sri
    Pentas (TV3 building). Parking was easy as there was basement parking. Once on the 21st floor, I went to the section for maid permit renewal and was assisted by MyEg personnel. It was exactly the same online page that I used at home just that I have to do it here as cut off date for online renewal was three days before expiry. The process took 10 mins. It could have been shorter but there was a glitch the first time I submitted the form as it stated on the screen that details not valid. (Nearly had a heart attack at that point because was assured at immigration that all details were updated). Turns out we had to fill in the old passport number too for this instance. Printed out my receipt and was told the permit will delivered to me in one week. Time check, 2pm when I left Bandar Utama.

    Got a call this afternoon around lunch from MyEg. They will arrived at my house in 10minutes. They came, pasted the permit and gave me the new maid’s IC. Now all done!

    So this is my journey this year to renew my maid’s passport and work permit. Hope it is useful to everyone here. Next year will be another hurdle as was told by Immigration services that my maid needs Fomema done next year for her renewal. She is into her 12th year and from 1/1/2018, new rules have been implemented for Fomema. Which means for 13th year renewal (and other odd years), she will need her Fomema done.

    Happy New Year!

    Never mind. I drove

  42. Actually three days to renew passport at embassy is really fast! To renew passport at Malaysian Embassy in Seoul will take you anywhere from a month to three months.

  43. My maid of two years is leaving on a 2 months leave to Indonesia on 31 March 2018. I have just renewed her work permit and it expires in March 2019. Her passport expires in Dec 2020.
    I have bought her ticket to and fro Indonesia.
    What other procedures need to be done? I need to do the work contract?

    1. i think usually need to prepare a letter that mention she’s got a job here in Malaysia. just in case custom ask when she want to exit Indonesia she can show it to them

      1. How do I buy the Indonesian Insurance for my maid. Kindly advise. Thank you so much. You have helped a lot of us. I actually followed your instructions and got stuck on the Insurance.

        1. The insurance part I went through an agent. Optional, you can also walk in to purchase at any insurance agency that’s offering this service

  44. Hi all,

    I wish to find out if the KTKLN card is still needed? My maid is planning to go on leave in Aug.
    I call my agent and they are not 100% sure, as sometimes they are not needed when the Indonesia immigresen does not chk, but just in case they do, then you might need for your maid.
    My agent also said this card is now have to be done in Indonesia itself, by your maid, and agents here no longer assist to do it on clients behalf.
    Previous post some mentioned only a letter by employer is already suffice.
    Quite confused now as i couldnt find a definite answer and hope any with experience can help.

  45. Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive read something like this before. So good to search out someone with some original thoughts on this subject. realy thanks for beginning this up. this web site is something that is wanted on the internet, someone with just a little originality. helpful job for bringing something new to the web!

  46. I wish to renew my Indonesian maid’s passport. Can someone advise on the latest procedures required? I understand we need to make an appointment first. Can someone please advise on the link for this? I can’t seem to find it.
    Thank you so much in advance.

    1. This post was written quite some time ago. Since MCO, the procedures are changing according to new SOP. Hopefully, new procedures will be announce soon as we’re moving into endemic

  47. I need to renew my Indonesian maid’s passport. Is there anyone who can share on the latest procedures and experience?

    Grateful to receive any information.

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