First time visit to Google Office Malaysia

Entering a new working environment is always not an easy task, moreover the ever fast revolving digital industry. However, my motto is ‘learn as long as you’re able‘, so here I am today in Google’s office participating in their Mobile Leadership Program.


The program is to provide us with better understanding on how mobile application works, UX friendly app and of course the analytic systems. I’ve met a number of people within the industry that day and it was a great networking session over luncheon served in the office.

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Now, my blog today is not about the program but instead the awesomeness of Google’s office. Colourfully decorated with ‘fun‘ in mind, its an office that makes puts you instantly at ease. Should you need some rest, feel free to head over to the play room area which is equipped with a pool table, foosball and ping pong table to have fun.

Of course, Google Malaysia’s office is just a minor reflection of the  movie ‘The Internship’ featuring Google office HQ. Now, I’m looking forward to my next visit there and keeping my fingers crossed that it will happen soon!



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