Let your lips shimmer with passion!

Love is in the air and when you’re in love everything around you shimmers and burned with such passion and intensity. Keep the flames burning with Revlon’s all-new range of Ultra HD™ Lipsticks and Lip Lacquer. Let love captivate your imagination by adorning your lips with rainbow colours shades that is brighter, bolder and provide more intense effects.

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I’m glad to be invited to the product launch to explore and understand the product better at TGV Cinemas. The Ultra HD™ Lipsticks and Lip Lacquer feature a revolutionary and patent-pending wax-free gel technology that is capable of suspending more colour pigments to deliver brighter, bolder and high resolution colours without the heavy wax feeling associated with conventional lip products.

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Ultra HD™ Lipstick is available in 8 high definition shades – HD Gladiolus, HD Hydrangea, Azalea, HD Poinsettia, HD Tulip, HD Hibiscus, HD Orchid, and HD Petunia. The product unique features are:

  • To create the perfect matte lip look for the day
  • Provide full coverage with vivid and intense colour

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Ultra HD™ Lip Lacquer is available in 6 high definition shades –  HDPink Ruby, HD Garnet, HD Petalite, HD Strawberry Topaz, HD Smoky Quartz, and HD Pink Sapphire. This product differs from Ultra HD™ lipstick, its features includes:

  • Creating a shimmery and more sensuous lip effect.
  • Provide high impact shine with lightweight feel.
  • Made with gel texture ensuring application glides on smoothly and silkily.

In tandem with the launch of the Ultra HD™ Lipsticks and Lip Lacquer, Revlon also kicked off their global campaign Love is On™. Revlon is on a mission is to inspire love and connect with people all around the world.

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Janette Shum, General Manager of Revlon Malaysia and Singapore

Another thing, I find interesting was the name of the lip colours as it was quite unique. It was later revealed by Janette Shum, General Manager of Revlon Malaysia and Singapore, the products are named after flowers and gems respectively. “It’s such an inspiration to create lip colours for beautiful women around the world, that is why Revlon named the Ultra HD™ range after flowers and precious stones to pay tribute to women who use Revlon, and to compliment her beauty and glamour with these lovely floral and gem names!” she said.

I’ve learned a trick to create the perfect pout during the event. Firstly, apply Ultra HD™ Lipstick on the outer lips and followed by Ultra HD™ Lip Lacquer in the middle of your lips lightly. Try it out and you’ll see the perfect pout.

Both products are retail at the Recommended Retail Price of RM35.90. Check them out at major pharmacies and retail outlets nationwide today!

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