Fiskars The World’s #1 Scissors Brand Is Now In Malaysia


I remember when I was young the first tool introduce by art teachers to cut things into shape is a pair of scissors . This trusty tool is a must have in our lives as we use it on a daily basis especially in the kitchen, homework station and gardening time as well. Well folks, we’re lucky for the World’s #1 Scissors brand Fiskars has just landed in Malaysia.

Fiskars scissors with its signature orange handle

Officially distributed by Glasir Asgard Sdn. Bhd., Fiskars will be introducing a variety range of the Finnish home tools to us. Let me quickly share with you the history of Fiskars. It all started back in 1649, Fiskars is an ironworks company in a Finnish village who are renowned for their stainless steel. They begin to revolutionised scissors by creating the first pair with a plastic handle. In 1967, after World War II, they began to mass-produce scissors to great acclaim. There was great buzz about these scissors for users love its ease of use, ergonomic design and durability.

We were given a challenge to cut the longest ever paper with a pair of Fiskars scissors and honestly my fingers weren’t red and cramp after cutting non-stop for 20 minutes 😀

With its simple philosophy to create solutions to an array of problems and to give users a better life; Fiskars has expanded their range of tools under three main categories: creating, cooking and gardening. For crafting, Fiskar’s tools allow all forms of creative expression from shape and template punchers, craft knifes, paper trimmers to kid-friendly scissors. The brand also offers embossing, eyelet setting and die-cutting tools as well.

Members of the media having a go at the arts & craft booth

Whilst the cooking tools are forged to help us savour gastronomic situations. All home cook and chef will be delighted with the Fiskar’s kitchen range which includes pots, pants, cutlery to name a few. I tried the knife and was totally blown away with how easy it was to slice thru an apple core and comes out perfectly beautiful.

Mr. Chong Khee Min and Hepetri Puhakka looking on at the-cooking demonstration using fiskars kitchen tools.

Lastly is the gardening range where Fiskars produce a range of tools that consist of small bonsai scissors, shears, tree pruners and many more. It also includes tools to care for the soil like spades, shovels, rakes, cleaning tools as well.


I had a fun that time participating in many of the crafting booth set up by Fiskars that day. My absolute favourite was the gardening booth where we DIY our very own Christmas Wreath!


Fiskars  will be made available in 2017, if you would to make corporate orders for craft and stationery shops do email [email protected] or call +603-7887 7656.  For more information on Fiskars, visit Glasir Asgard’s website at

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