Fresh Water Prawns Cuisines @ The Nai Cafe

This month I went a bit overboard with seafood cuisines. My latest foodie journey brings me to the newly opened The Nai Café at Denai Alam, Shah Alam. This charming place is well known for its Fresh Water Prawn (a.k.a. Udang Galah) cuisines served in a varieties of cooking style.


The décor is kept clean, minimal and uses comfortable colours such as white and brown. It’s kind of rustic as well as the element of wood is used in certain areas. Fully air condition indoors, customers can also opt to sit outdoors to enjoy their meal. The cooking kitchen is stationed outdoors, thus customers need not fear the ‘cooking odour’ that people usually associate with in normal seafood restaurants.

Excited to see what’s served? Let’s talk a look 😀

Udang Masak Lemak Cili Api with a bowl of rice- RM14.90

A delectable dish, the fresh water prawns is cooked in fragrant coconut milk and cili padi is sure to get you asking for more. Slightly sour and yet has a tinge of spiciness, this dish complements really well with the hot pipping bowl of rice.

Udang Goreng with a bowl of rice – RM14.90

In this dish, the fresh water prawns is fried in a heated wok using butter, onions and curry leaves. Add in unique spices and you’ll have a plate of fragrant fried curry fresh water prawns. It does carry a hint of spiciness but rest assure it’s suitable for the kids to eat as well.

Sambal Tumis Udang with a bowl of rice – RM14.90

One of my favourite dish for the night as the ‘sambal’ tasted really good. The thicken sauce is slightly sweeten and it’s not spicy at all. Perfectly good to eat with grilled fresh water prawns.

Udang Masak Tomyam with a bowl of rice – RM14.90

A classic Thai dish, this tomyam was cooked together with fresh water prawns. Thus, it carries the sweetness from the prawns with the right touch of spiciness. However, I think it’s a tad too sour for me.

Char Kuey Teow Goreng Basah – RM12.90

This plate of fried Char Kuey Teow is served in sweet thicken gravy kinda like ‘ Chinese Yin Yong’. By using fresh water prawns, the taste of the dish is further elevated. This dish is another one of my favourites for the night.

Char Kuey Teow Goreng Lembap – RM12.90

This is another type of Char Kuey Teow where it’s cooked till semi dry and fragrant. Adding in fresh water prawns give this dish a boost of natural sweet flavours.

Nasi Goreng (Udang) – RM12.90

Another classic dish but cooked with fresh water prawns. It’s served together with sup, fresh cucumbers and fried ‘keropok’.

Spicy Butter Cream UDANG GALAH with a bowl of rice – RM14.90

Fragrant fresh water prawns cooked in creamy buttery sauce and spices. The sweeten creamy gravy goes really well with a bowl of hot rice.

It’s no wonder that The Nai Café is popular for its fresh water prawns cuisines as you can have it in so many varieties. Throughout the night, there were many customers visiting the café to try out their speciality. The food portion is pretty good and the price is certainly affordable. If you’re nearby the area, come and try the dishes for yourself.

The Nai Cafe
No.23-1, Jalan Electron F U16/F, 
Denai Alam, Seksyen U16,
40150, Shah Alam
Contact: +603- 7832 4481
The Nai Cafe

Operations Hours:
Mon- Sun:
12pm- 11pm 

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