Maximize Your Storage Capacity With Stylish PenDrive

Since being a blogger, I began to understand how important storage capacity is to me. Imagine when I’m out for an event, I get this pop up massage from my phone or camera and it says ‘FULL’! I don’t mean to sound dramatic but it’s like apocalypse for me. To save myself from this worrisome scenario, I purchased several stylish PenDrive product that offers me maximum capacity at all times.

PenDrive Lightning-X 128GB (USB 3.0) – RM 299


The PenDrive Lightning X – a USB 3.0 silver flash drive has a huge capacity. Sporting a healthy 128GB of storage space it offers blazing fast data transfer speed. No external power is required as all you need to do is just hot plug & play it. Loved the fact that it’s shock resistance and also has a durable solid-state data retention for up to 10 years!

nDrive Nano∞ Infinite128 GB (SSD) – RM215


This compact 1.8” nDrive Nano∞ Infinite128 GB (SSD) is just the perfect external hard drive. It fits nicely in my pouch and is extremely light to bring out. Offering high speed transfer up to 380 MB/s,  I can easily download my pictures in a matter of minutes. It’s also available in 256 GB (RM 375) , 512GB (RM 695) and 1 T (RM 1395) .

PenDrive RocketX PRO UHS-3 128GB – RM255


After having only an 8GB SD card to play with in my camera, I’m so excited to have a reliable SD Card such as the PenDrive RocketX PRO UHS-3 128GB. It’s specifically designed to meet the demand for high storage requirements and extreme transfer speed. Offering download speed up to 90MB/sec, I can immediately back up all my files. With such a huge capacity, I can even do HD Video Recording in my camera. Another plus factor is that it has a write protect switch on the exterior card casing, once it’s turned on I need not fear that I’ll accidentally delete the contents of my memory card. This PenDrive series is also available in 64GB ( RM 125) and 32GB (RM 72) as well. 

PenDrive On-The-Go (OTG) USB 3.0 64GB (Rose Gold) – RM 85


This is my favourite item from the PenDrive range known as PenDrive On-The-Go (OTG). A relatively new product from PenDrive, this dual access USB flash drive can be used on Android phones and Iphone as well. Imagine running out of memory space on your phone, just hot plug & play this USB drive into your phone Micro B Connector and ‘voila’ immediate additional storage is now available in a blink of an eye. (Note: For Iphone users, you’ll need to get a connector to change from Micro B to lighting connector). This USB flash drive offers a read speed of 120.0MB/sec, so rest assure it’s fast and easy to connect. If rose gold is not your favourite colour, you can always opt for 8GB ( Black) (RM 25) ; 16GB (Silver) (RM 31) and 32 GB (Gold) (RM 48).

I’m really pleased with my purchased from PenDrive that offers me huge storage capacity that’s extremely convenient when I’m on the move. Plus factor are the designs is much more compact, light and stylish than before. For more information, visit

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