HARI MERDEKA with Rejuvenate Dance Crew

With the 58th Merdeka Celebration around the corner, we should be in a festive mood as this is the day Malaysia declared independence! However, the current economy and political issues in our country has outshine this momentous occasion. As this issue weights so heavily on people’s mind, the atmosphere surrounding Merdeka is too gloomy.

While surfing on youtube, I chanced upon this dance video made by Rejuvenate Dance Crew. In this video, they brings us around Malaysia in 4 mins to an upbeat tune by Adibah Noor “Malaysia Kau Ku Cinta

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Looking at the video, travelling to famous spots in Malaysia, actually reminded me the richness of our diversify culture and heritage. Plus singing to Kak Adibah Noor “Malaysia Kau Ku Cinta” will put you in a better mood to celebrate.  Kudos to Rejuvenate Dance Crew for posting this uplifting dance choreography. Nowlet’s put those gloomy thoughts aside and celebrate ‘HARI MERDEKA‘ !

Check out the video here:


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