Healthy Flavoursome Meals at Mama Kim Sauna Mee @ Pandan Indah

Cantonese Seafood Noodles (Main Pic) - Mama Kim

Mama Kim Sauna Mee was founded by a mother who believes in preparing hearty, healthy meals for her loved ones. However, she did understand that people’s perception towards healthy food are often tasteless. With that in mind, she experimented with various cooking styles and freshest of ingredients to enhance her dishes’ flavours. Now, Mama Kim Sauna Mee is one of the most successful healthy eateries in town.

Mama Kim Sauna Mee

Her motto ‘Where Yummy Is Healthy’ follows the principles of having a balanced diet, 5 major colours vegetables, no chemical flavouring or additives (MSG) , no white sugar and white flour, less oil and less salt. Most importantly using fresh and natural ingredients.  Let’s take a look at our yummylicious dinner tonight at Mama Kim.

Mama Kim (Interior)

First to prepare our stomach, we had Mix Fruit Salad. A bowl of colourful salad filled with leafy greens, dragon fruit, raisins, tomato and cucumber that’s sweet and refreshing.

Mix Fruit Salad - Mama Kim Sauna Mee
Mix Fruit Salad – RM8.90

Our favourite drink of the night was Natural Fruit & Flower Tea. This flower tea is infused with apple, orange and  passion fruit that gives off a fruity tropical flavour with a hint of citrusy after taste. It can be shared by 2 pax and is also refillable as well.

Natural Fruit & Flower Tea - Mam Kim Sauna Mee
Natural Fruit & Flower Tea – RM10.50

The Vegetable Juice a mixture of green apples, banana and grapes tasted delicious and works great as a detox drink.

Vegetable Juice - Mama Kim Sauna Mee
Vegetable Juice – RM7.30 (Small) / RM15.90 (Large)

Our main meal arrives and is the infamous Sauna Mee that implements 80/20 rules which means a balance combination of meat and more than five healthy colours of vegetables. This warmth broth is served in a specially crafted hot stone bowl which is placed in a special oven for 50 minutes to be heated up to 250c ; so beware for it’s extremely hot!

Sauna Mee (Vegetarian Soup) - Mama Kim Sauna Mee
Sauna Mee (Vegetarian Soup) – RM13.70

Available in 2 soup base option of either vegetarian or fish soup. Both are slow cooked for 5 hours to bring out the flavoursome taste. Best part, feel free to ask for soup refill whenever it’s empty. Rest assure all ingredients are cleansed with Ocean Mineral Salts to ensure it’s clean from chemical residues.

auna Mee (Fish Soup) - Mama Kim
Sauna Mee (Fish Soup) – RM13.70

You can opt to pair it with rice noodles, brown rice or pumpkin noodles. I would highly recommend the rice noodles as the texture is chewy even though submerged in hot soup. Definitely, a ‘Must Try’ dish here!

Next, was the Pumpkin Fried Rice that tasted pretty delicious for its al-dente brown rice and bonus points for the pumpkin taste is not too strong.

Pumpkin Fried Rice - Mama Kim
Pumpkin Fried Rice – RM8.90

We also tried the Black Porridge a balanced mix of porridge and black fungus that’s good for our digestive system. We opt for the fish and it was so fresh. Mix it together with the side condiments and the taste is further alleviated.

Black Porridge - MamBlack Porridge - Mama Kima Kim
Black Porridge – RM6.90 (Fish) / RM4.90 (Vegetable)

My favourite rice dish for the night was Baked Cheese Mushroom Rice  that’s filled with nutrients from its five colour of ingredients. Al-dente brown rice filled with vegetable goodness and topped with oozing layer of cheese was smackingly good. A ‘Must Try’ dish!

Baked Cheese Mushroom Rice - Mama Kim
Baked Cheese Mushroom Rice – RM13.70

If rice are not to your fancy, try the Cantonese Seafood Noodles which is served with mussel, crab meat, mushroom, broccoli and lots more. The gravy is certainly tasty and loved the chewy texture of the noodles.

Cantonese Seafood Noodles - Mama Kim
Cantonese Seafood Noodles – RM15.90

To end our meal, we order a nightcap the Little Princess which is actually Affogato.

Little Princess - Mama Kim
Little Princess – RM8.40

Even though I’m not a fan of healthy food, Mama Kim has definitely made me changed my mind. Go ahead and try it for yourself today.

Mama Kim Ground Floor
No.1, Jalan Pandan Indah 4/2,
Pandan Indah,
55100, Kuala Lumpur
Contact: +603- 4292 0808

Other Outlets:
Jalan Pahang
276, Jalan Pahang, Kuala Lumpur
Contact: +6014- 6418 624

Herbaline Beauty Square
28, Jalan Anggerik Mokara 31/47,
Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam
55100, Kuala Lumpur
Contact: +603- 5121 7151

Operations Hours:
Mon – Sun: 8am – 9pm

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