Hisense launches Limited Edition World Cup U9A and Laser TV in Malaysia

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With World Cup coming soon, most bars, café and mamak stalls are preparing to install TVs to ensure the customers sit for long hours at their place. For me, the experience of people cheering and commenting together it’s so fun. However, the most important part would be the TV. Imagine, having a huge screen in unbeatable HD format will make you feel like you are part of the crowd watching World Cup live in Russia.

Having that insight in mind, global technology leader and official sponsor of FIFA World Cup 2018, Hisense launched its latest innovations in world-class high definition televisions in Malaysia. Hisense showcased its capability in delivering world-class experiences through the introduction of the Limited Edition World Cup U9A and Laser TV for Malaysians.

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Hisense U9A featured the Prime Array Backlight, an advanced backlight system that consist of an ultra-dense LED structure, accurate control of the picture and brightness process as well as backlight scanning. It will display true-to-life colour, like looking through a window or watching a football match in the stadium. It also adopts the Ultra Motion Plus technology that enhances clarity in fast-moving images, perfect for sports lovers as each fast movement appears more fluent, smooth and clear.

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In addition, Hisense also announced the availability of its Laser TV in Malaysia which is ideal for viewers who want to watch the FIFA World Cup on giant screens. The 100-inch 4K UHD Smart Laser TV offers an exploding visual of colours and resolution. The Laser TV is thin, lightweight, runs wirelessly and boasts incredible laser technology which will make you look at your wall in a different way.

As for the Hisense U7A, it comes in a super-slim design in pure metal to elevate the quality of the TV set. It features the Elite Backlight system matched with an on-trend slim design that brings brilliant contrast with its local dimming and precision brightness process technology. U7A comes with a High Dynamic Range system delivering outstanding picture with high contrast and accurate details while expanding the TV’s contrast ratio.

The Hisense U9A 75-inch is available in Malaysia at a suggested retail price of RM19,999.00, whereas the Hisense 100-inch 4K UHD Smart Laser TV can be purchased at a suggested retail price of RM39,999.00. The price might seem steep but I can assure you it’s well worth it.

For more information on Hisense Malaysia, please visit our official website at www.hisense.com.my

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