Mother’s Day Pampering Session With Pigeon Malaysia

Pigeon MP

Being a working mom is equivalent to being 24 hours on call.  In the day, we’re corporate woman working in office to complete our jobs for the day. Once,  nightfall, we will turn into supermoms and get our household chores done while teaching our kids to do their homework.  We only truly get to rest once our kids are asleep and pray hard they dont have any bed incidents 😛  To those who are dealing with newborn babies, you’ll have to bite the bullet for at least 2 years.

When I received an invitation to a Mom’s Day Out with Pigeon Malaysia to rejuvenate my body, mind and soul, I immediately said YES! The event was held in conjunction with Mother’s Day thus my hubby was really supportive by offering to stay home and babysit the kids.  Held at Be Urban Wellness, we mommies enjoyed a time of ultimate indulgence as we engaged in soothing therapies to help us relax, while discovering how Pigeon products can help to simplify our lives as a mom.

During the event, we experienced a mind detox through yoga and mindful breathing to regain inner peace. Engaging in Soundbath therapy, we immersed ourselves in the healing sounds of Crystal Singing Bowls to recalibrate our tired minds and bodies. Honestly, it was so relaxing I almost fell asleep 😀

Next, we had a sharing session by The Amazing Race Asia star, Vanessa Chong on the joys and surprises of being a new mom. Her journey reminds me of my very first time of being a mom too.  How we all adjusted our lifestyle habits to include our little one is definitely memorable.

Pigeon Malaysia
Ms. Jed Chow, Marketing Manager, Pigeon Malaysia with new mommy Vanesssa Chong during the sharing session

We also tried a Kegel Chair Experience to increase our core conditioning in the pelvic muscles. This was certainly an eye-opener experience as most ladies will have loose pelvic muscles as we aged. Plus natural child birthing might caused it to happen earlier. Only one word describes my experience on it , weird and yet not uncomfortable. It cost about RM150 for 20 minutes and ladies you’ve got to give this a try at Be Urban Wellness!  Last but not least, we also enjoy a soothing massage using Pigeon Newborn Pure Skincare Series.

Pigeon Maaysia

Below are some of the Pigeon products that we explore during the event:

Pigeon SofTouch™ Peristaltic PLUS Nursing Bottle 

Pigeon Malaysia
160ml (WM: RM70.50 / EM: RM77.60) 240ml (WM: RM76 / EM: RM83.60)

Featuring a nipple that is 100% silicone, super soft and flexible, a breastfed baby will be able to switch between their mother’s breast and bottle-feeding with little confusion. Shaped to help minimize swallowed air, the bottle features an advanced venting system to prevent gas and colic. Now available in Disney Mickey and Minnie characters, Pigeon Nursing Bottle will make feeding baby an enjoyable moment.

Pigeon Mag Mag Disney Straw Cup

Pigeon Malaysia
WM: RM49.90 / EM: RM54.90

Specially tailored to teach baby how to drink from a cup, Pigeon Mag Mag Disney Straw Cup comes in a classic Disney Mickey character that features an ergonomically designed handle for easy holding.

Pigeon Disney Character Soothers

Pigeon Malaysia
WM: RM19.90/ EM: RM21.90

Made from the softest class of silicone shaped to fit baby’s mouth, Pigeon soothers help to satisfy baby’s needs and calm their emotions. Designed by a pediatric dentist, the soothers are uniquely shaped so as not to impair teeth growth and alignment, and come in three sizes to suit baby’s developmental age.

Pigeon Foaming Cleanser

Pigeon Foam Cleanser

A uniquely formulated liquid cleanser made of 100% food grade ingredients. The anti-bacterial formula kills 99.99% of bacteria and is rinsed off easily without causing any harmful effects. Used to wash baby’s nursing bottles and accessories, the cleanser is also ideal for cleaning fruits and vegetables making it the perfect multitasking product that saves mom’s time and effort.

Pigeon Training Toothbrush

Pigeon toothbrushes

Infant dental care is important to prevent tooth decay. Do start them from infant stage to ensure that they have good brushing habits. Available in four sizes to suit baby’s developmental age, the safety shield prevents choking in 6-12 month-old babies while soft bristles ensure gentle care of gum and teeth in 12 to 36 month-old toddlers. Specially formulated for babies and children, Pigeon toothpaste is fluoride-free and strawberry flavored to help your little ones enjoy brushing their teeth.

Newborn Pure Skincare Series

Pigeon Newborn Pure Skincare series
Body Wash: WM (RM59) / EM (RM64.90) Shampoo: WM (RM55) / EM (RM60.50) Moisturizing Lotion: WM (RM59) / EM (RM64.90) Calming Oil: WM (RM55) / EM (RM64.90) Protective Cream: WM (RM49) / EM (RM53.90)

The Newborn Pure Skincare Series is the only baby skincare range in the world that provides dual moisturization benefit from birth.

Formulated with Natulayer™, it simulates the naturally forming vernix and ceramide inside a mother’s body to hydrate and protect baby’s vulnerable skin from drying out by locking in moisture. It maintains the skin’s fatty productive layer by ensuring balanced pH levels and is dermatologically tested to ensure safe use on all skin types. Free from paraben, formaldehyde, alcohol, and any other irritating ingredients, Newborn Pure Skincare Series is manufactured in Japan according to the highest quality standards for baby skincare products.

There are 5 SKUs in Newborn Pure Skincare Series  such as Nourishing Shampoo, Purifying Body Wash, Moisturizing Lotion, Calming Oil, and Protective Cream. I just love the amazing scent from this range! By the way, this series is also available in travel set packaging as well. Making it super convenient to bring along for trips D:

With Pigeon Malaysia 40 years of experience in providing high quality safe products for our kids, our lives are definitely easier and less worrisome. It was certainly a fun day out for me, hopefully there are more to come 😀

For more information on the Pigeon Newborn Pure Skincare Series, visit

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