Janet Lee 3rd Anniversary Milestone Exhibition

Each person is born different and views the world in their own perspective. In the eyes of those diagnosed with intellectual challenges, they see the world in a myriad of expressions and colors that brings forward astounding artworks that defines your imagination.

The late International Artist Janet Lee was diagnosed early with intractable epilepsy and intellectual challenges. However, that did not stop her from creating beautiful artworks that danced across the canvases, showing its alright to be “perfectly imperfect”. Throughout her lifetime, Janet’s remarkable journey was a beacon of hope, determination, and inspiration, touching countless hearts across Malaysia, Singapore, and beyond. Her accolades, including the Young Inspiring Woman Award in 2021, the NFT Superstar Award in April 2022, and the Highly Commendable Award by the International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE) in June this year, stand as testament to her indomitable spirit and far-reaching impact on the epilepsy community.

The late International Artist Janet Lee

Her influence wasn’t confined to her art alone; it resonated in the lives she touched, from the United States to Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, and Kuala Lumpur, as demonstrated by her numerous exhibitions. Her solo showcases in 2018 and March 2022 were powerful narratives of dreams realized against all odds. The Janet Lee Legacy: Lighting the Path for Future Generations.

Although Janet has left, her mission and spirit to live on will be power through  “The Janet Lee Legacy”. With this initiative, it hopes to guide parents of other neuro-diverse artistic talents by sharing knowledge which aims to enable these talented individuals to thrive, expressing their artistic capabilities with confidence and sustainability. The initiative also includes support from technical guidance to business insights to nurture and champion these budding talent.

The Janet Lee 3rd Milestone Exhibition will feature “Artist Handcrafted Day Preview” , it’s a special showcase of handcrafted artworks by four talented artists. Details as below:

  • Date: 11th – 13th November 2023
  • Time: 11am – 4pm
  • Venue: Janet Lee Gallery, 20-1-4, Jalan 2/101C Cheras Business Centre
  • Contact: Ms. Joyce Moi at 012-336 1120

The four artist showcasing their artwork are as below:

Alicia Lee

Born in Kuala Lumpur, Alicia has a learning disability that affects her ability to understand complex concepts. Despite this, it has never affected her keen interest in art. Alicia’s work is ambiguous in meaning yet visually striking with a multitude of characters. She enjoys using ink on acrylic to create her fantasy worlds on canvas, and occasionally may stick to only one pen until the piece is complete. She hopes that her paintings will inspire people to never lose their child-like wonder.

Ng Yi Shen

Born in Penang, Malaysia, Yi Shen is an emerging artist whose journey is a testament to self-discovery and unwavering determination. Despite facing developmental challenges like autism and slow learning, his passion for art blossomed. His
art has been exhibited globally, from the United States to India, reflecting his personal growth and enhancing his maturity and composure. Influenced by a profound love for animals and Disney animations, his work skillfully merges human expressions with the unique traits of animal life. My artistic odyssey is a remarkable story of triumph over adversity.

Shana Lim

Shana Lim, born in Malaysia with Down syndrome, embodies resilience. She learned alongside typical peers, fostering optimism and confidence. Music was her passion, and dancing became her stage. Surprisingly, her artistic talent emerged later despite early wall scribbles. At 17, Philip Wong discovered her potential, propelling her onto the art path. In October 2021, she exhibited for the first time, birthing Shana Contemporary Art. She actively participates in exhibitions, inching closer to her dream of a creative journey, with Taiwan as her next canvas.

Thong Kah Wei

Born in Malaysia, Thong Kah Wei was diagnosed with autism. His passion lies in painting, with a special fascination for robots, drawn to their strength and unique aesthetics. He express his art on canvas bags, T-shirts and small pouches.

Come to visit Janet Lee Gallery and explore these wonderful artworks from the artists. If you see anything that you like, feel free to purchase and support their work. In keeping with Janet’s spirit of giving, her artworks and #artbeyondthecanvas premium gift items remain available for purchase. Half of the proceeds from these sales are devoted to charitable causes, ensuring that Janet’s passion and generosity continue to uplift and benefit communities.

For more information, visit Janet Lee Official Website

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