Up your confidence with Haircarebear Wellness Supplement available in Watsons!

For those who detest taking wellness supplement in pill or powder format, try Haircarebear gummies. Its yummy, chewy and full of goodness.  A recent survey conducted by Haircarebear, Australia’s leading hair, skin, and nail supplement brand, uncovered that one in three Malaysians struggle with self-confidence related to their appearance.

“At Haircarebear, we believe that everyone is unique in their own way and every young individual should ‘glow’ brightly, embracing their unique beauty. Together with our retail partner Watsons Malaysia, we hope to inspire Malaysian youth self-assurance that radiates positively from within and supports them in building a healthy foundation for a vibrant future,” said Haircarebear Founder Jimmy Seervai, who was a finalist on MasterChef Australia with a background in food

In the survey, surprisingly, while Malaysians express confidence in their eyes, they spend the least on eye care. Facial attributes emerged as the second most significant factor influencing confidence, with 45% of respondents ranking facial features as the most attractive physical attribute. Additionally, the survey also highlighted that Malaysians turn to social media and peers for confidence and inspiration, prioritising them over family.

Exploring the depths of youth self-confidence and its link to physical attributes, a meaningful panel discussion, moderated by Alexis Sueann, unfolded with influential personalities— model and singer Juwei Teoh, actress and social influencer Sharifah Rose, and Haircarebear Founder Jimmy Seervai.

Engaging in vital conversations around personal and public perceptions of confidence, the discussion delved into the nuanced role of family, experiences, and societal expectations. Amidst candid shares and heartfelt stories, a consensus emerged: confidence is an inside-out journey, intertwining self-acceptance with kind, genuine online and offline interactions, and a nurturing environment that starts within our homes and communities.

Haircarebear’s Halal-certified functional confectioneries redefine self-care, offering a delightful gummy experience. These low-sugar to sugar-free gummies prioritise rapid nutrient absorption, presenting a delectable, user-friendly, and efficient pathway to enhance inner beauty and holistic health. This is particularly beneficial for those experiencing pill fatigue or swallowing difficulties.

Presenting a vibrant spectrum of eight flavours, each intricately crafted to bestow specific bodily benefits:

  • Haircarebear Hair Gummies – Nutrient-dense for robust hair growth.
  • Haircarebear Collagen Gummies – Infused with marine collagen, a beacon for skin nourishment.
  • Haircarebear Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Gummies – Capitalising on the potency of Apple Cider Vinegar to bolster digestive health.
  • Haircarebear Sweet Dreams Gummies – A tranquil blend with Valerian root, facilitating calm and restful sleep.
  • Haircarebear ByeAcne Gummies – Probiotic-rich to foster gut health and mitigate acne.
  • Haircarebear Tummy Gummies – A strategic concoction of Garcinia Cambogia, LCarnitine, and Green Coffee Bean Extract to enhance metabolism and regulate sugar cravings.
  • Haircarebear Chill Out Gummies – A serene mixture of ashwagandha to soothe muscles and mitigate stress.
  • Haircarebear Glowhite Gummies – Antioxidant-dense with Vitamins C, E, and B6 to augment skin health and invigorate active lifestyles.

The products are now available in Watsons Malaysia outlets and official shopping platform Watsons Malaysia.

Dive deeper into Haircarebear’s product range at Haircarebear Official Website

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