Lazy Girls Hack: 8 Tiny Habits to Help Make Your Skin Look Radiant

Hey beautiful people, new year new me, yeah? Forget about what has been dragging you down and let them stay in the past, look forward and make some changes this year! Why not start by forming some habits to become more beautiful day-by-day. In this article, we will share eight tiny practices that help your skin looks radiant. One step at a time, you will eventually notice these tips will make your skin looks more attractive and glow from inside out. Perhaps you might have practised some of them before, now’s the time to put more effort into it! Or if you’re new, then take baby steps and practice them from now on.

#1 Sunscreen is a must

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Sunscreen is an essential preventive health care habit that you should maintain 365 days. Before stepping out of your house, remember to wear sunscreen as your last skincare step before applying makeup. It helps protect our skin from the UV Rays, maintain an even skin tone and lower skin cancer risk. Look for the skincare products that contained at least SPF 30, and apply on your face every day before heading out; you can go out without makeup, but not without sunscreen.

#2 Remove your makeup 

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Let your skin breathe. As long as you wear makeup on your face, make it a habit to remove it before going to bed. Sleeping with makeup will make your skin really bad, as all the dirt and dead skin cells are not removed, end up with clogged pores and finally lead to inflammation such as pimples, blackhead and blemishes. Our skin cellular will renew itself when we sleep; if we leave our makeup on, it will prevent the process from happening. Find a makeup removal suitable for your skin, by practising this habit; you will find that your skin looks brighter.

#3 Drink water immediately after waking up

Drinking water (fresh lemon water works better) is the ultimate hack to make your skin glow and increase hair texture that you may need to buy expensive products for. Shortage of water intake can cause dry skin and premature wrinkles. Besides, it helps with our weight loss journey (probably in every New Years resolution list) as drinking water in the morning removes the toxins in your body and improves your digestive system. So, start your beautiful day with a full glass of water and says no to constipation.

#4 “Neck care” is as essential as skincare

Believe it or not; the neckline can betray your age. Our neck is also the second most exposed area to direct sunlight followed by our face; it will lead to wrinkles, dull skin and sagging. It is crucial to consider the neck as an extension of your face, bring on all your skincare steps from your chin to neck and collar bones. After applying the products, massage it is a common practice in K-beauty to maintain a firm and lifted skin.

#5 Apply hand cream

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How many times you’ve used your hand today? Typing on your keyboard, scrolling through social media feeds and brushing your teeth. Given that we use our hands to do most of the tasks, we should never neglect them just like we never skip the skincare routines after washing our face. Our hands age faster than you could imagine. They are often overexposed to sunlight, water, germs, etc. The fact that the skin on top of our hands is much thinner and would become dry quickly if we did not carefully take care of them. We recommend you to invest the habit in applying hand cream every day; place your favourite scent of hand cream on your WFH desk to remind yourself to use it every time after you wash your hand.

#6 Get enough of sleep

An actual beauty sleep of at least seven to eight hours at night can make a glowing complexion and less puffy eyes. Our body regenerates and boosts blood circulation to the skin when we sleep, making our skin more radiant and healthy. Lack of sleep can lead to dull and dry skin, puffy eyes and visible lines. So, remind yourself to stop watching one less episode on Netflix if you are tired.

#7 Practice your best smile in front of the mirror

Did you know that smiling, even if that smile is fake, can boost your mood and improve performance? Make it a habit every morning to look in front of the mirror and give a big smile to reward yourself. It may seem a little awkward and embarrassing at first, but trust me from my personal experience, a smile on your face can increase your inner confidence and make you more attractive. And more importantly, nobody is looking but yourself in front of the mirror in your room.

#8 More fruits and veggies

Practice a clean eating habit, and your body will thank you! Consume at least a few portions of veggies and fresh fruits in a day in order your body can absorb all the necessary nutrients. It is the long term process to have younger, healthier and glowing appearance over time. According to Spoonuniversity, some examples of fruits and veggies that can boost your skin complexion are lemon, walnuts, sunflower seeds, spinach, tomatoes, green tea and dark chocolate (not all healthy food is boring though)!

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