Lee Kwang Soo launches Guerisson Red Ginseng!

There’s a number of Korean skincare brand entering Malaysian market. Some of you might not have heard of Guerisson before but it’s actually one of the top brands in Korea.

Guerisson has just recently appointed world renowned Korean celebrity Lee Kwang Soo as their brand’s ambassador. I’m sure most of you have heard about him from the popular Korean variety show- Running Man. His most notable nicknames on the show is “giraffe” as he’s got a lanky frame.

Lee Kwang Soo has a huge fan base across Asia and guess what? He came to Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur to launch GUERISSON’s new skincare line – Red Ginseng Series. OMG… 100 selected lucky Malaysian fans gets to meet him person, get his autographs and free GUERISSON products to boot! Unfortunately, I was not one of the lucky 100 fans. However, I received a media invitation *woots*!

Sasa Lee Kwang Soo

At the event, apart from the Red Ginseng series; there are many Guerisson products put on displayed such as Cloud series and GUERISSON 9Complex Horse Oil. I’ve personally tried GUERISSON  9Complex Horse Oil and it’s AMAZING!

The latest range – GUERISSON Red Ginseng Series has the synergy between German Horse Oil and Korean Red Ginseng to improve level of absorption and its ability to penetrate skin easily. There are 3 key products in this series:

GUERISSON Red Ginseng Skin Essence (120ml)


Infused with intensive skin moisturising horse oil and youth energy complex red ginseng. The skin essence helps to achieve younger looking skin with strong double skin barrier. Contains small active ingredients particles (micelles), it penetrates deeper into the skin and makes skin smooth and supple. 

 GUERISSON Red Ginseng Cream (60g)


The combination of the potency of horse oil and the vitality of red ginseng roots adds strength to skin. This cream deals with complicated skin concerns caused by external irritants. It deeply nourishes skin and strengthens skin barriers to make skin healthier. The butter-like texture melts on skin helps to deeply nourishes and moisturises skin, at the same time to add glow to the skin.

 GUERISSON Red Ginseng Eyecream (20ml)


The aluminium laminated tub prevents the destruction of active ingredients and helps to ensure stability in carrying active ingredients into skin. As the texture has 3-dimensional polymer protein, it stays on the surface of aging skin and improves skin around the eyes.

GUERISSON Red Ginseng series are priced from RM149 – RM169. It’s available exclusively at all SaSa outlets. For more information, please visit  SaSa’s Facebook Malaysia

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