Porky Tonkatsu At Sho Kushiage Sunway Pyramid

Hear ye hear ye…there’s a new Japanese fusion restaurant on the block. Introducing Sho Kushiage Japanese Restaurant located in Sunway Pyramid. This new Japanese eatery is located opposite of Cold Storage supermarket and is proud to present their Tonkatsu featuring selected premium Sakura Three Yuan Pork!

You’re probably wondering what’s Sakura Three Yuan Pork? The Sakura Three Yuan Pork are a mixture of pig farms breeds known as Ax(BxC). These pig farms can be purebred or crossbred and is better in terms of genetic quality and health status. Usually, the third generation pig is selected for its gene are the best. It has higher disease resistance, strong life force and a better feed conversion rate. Furthermore, the cutting process is certified by ISO9001 which provides guarantee for food safety and sanitary quality. Resulting in a meat that’s soft, tender and juicy.

Time to eat! Let’s scroll down to see those yummylicious porky food 😀


At Sho Kushiage, each patron is served with mini appetizers comprising of pickled greens, sweet red beans and shredded cabbage salad. The uniqueness is in the sesame seed plum sauce. We’ve got to mould the sesame seed till it’s fragrant before adding the plum sauce. The plum sauce can be paired with a bowl of salad or either dip in for meaty dishes.


A plate of crisp cheesy pork ball serve together with Japanese curry. Take a bite into the juicy pork ball with melting cheese oozing out. Apart from that, it comes with a bowl of rice, miso soup and cabbage salad. This set is definitely worth to try.


This is one of the highlight dish for the night. Using premium Sakura Three Yuan Pork coated with breaded crumbs and fried in 100% vegetable oil. The pork is simply juicy and bouncy! There are 2 sauce dipping for your selection either the cheese or curry, which are both equally good.

However, I prefer to dip it with the sesame plum sauce for it elevates the flavor of the tender meat. It comes with free flow of rice, cabbage salad and miso soup. Definitely must try!


By the way, don’t miss out on the opportunity to try Sho Kushuage’s special promotion. Just add RM1 for a handroll! Available for a limited period only*


If you’re a fan of pork bone soup, then must definitely order Mini Hot Pot Set with Buta Soup base. The soup natural sweetness and fragrant aroma will definitely keep you going for more!

We had a fine time dipping those thinly sliced pork belly into the boiling pot. Remember to eat those fresh mushrooms and vegetables too. Don’t worry about asking for refills of soup, it’s UNLIMITED REFILLS!


Sizzling juicy pork ribs serve with melted cheddar and mozzarella cheese. This dish comes highly recommended by the Chef and almost every table in Sho Kushiage ordered this dish. We had 2 servings of this dish as it was extremely flavorful to chew on!


 Apart from Tonkatsu and hot pot dishes, Sho Kushiage also dishes out unique fusion sushi rolls. We had the Mexico Roll that’s wrapped with fresh salmon, tuna and topped with Nacho’s as toppings. The Chinese Unagi Roll was also interesting wrapped with mango, unagi, cucumber, crab meat, cheese and topped with egg roe. Both are equally good!

Yummy refreshing yuzu and shakes such as mango, red bean, blueberry and many more!

Is Sho Kushiage worth a visit? Definitely yes, the food portion is decent and is fairly priced. Furthermore, the dishes are pretty tasty too especially Mini Hot Pot Set and premium pork chop cutlet. Take a visit to their restaurant and sample it for yourself today!

Sho Kushiage Sunway Pyramid (Opposite Cold Storage)
LG2.28C & LG2. 29,
Lower Ground Sunway Pyramid
No.3, Jalan PJS 11/15
47500, Bandar Sunway
+603- 5613 6160
 Sho Kushiage

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