Let SOS UV Porcelain+ Protects Your Skin From Within

___SOS UV Porcelain+ Launch

During my teenage years, people always commented how ‘cute’ my freckles were. Now, it’s a nightmare for me as it slowly forms into pigmentation. Partially it was my fault as when I tend to be lazy applying sunblock on my skin. Ladies, if you’re lazy like me, perhaps you can try SOS Skincare’s revolutionary ‘inner sunblock’ skincare supplement, SOS UV Porcelain+.

SOS UV Porcelain+, a breakthrough in skincare technology, sets the new benchmark for oral skin supplements with its triple action formulation for broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection as well as stimulation of collagen, elastin production and skin brightening and whitening.

_SOS UV Porcelain+ Launch - LtoR - Melissa Tan, Nana Al Haleq, Hannah Lo, Iman Corrine 1
SOS UV Porcelain+ Launch – LtoR – Melissa Tan, Nana Al Haleq, Hannah Lo, Iman Corrine 

In other words, this supplement feed your skin with its natural sunblock and brightening booster. One can see results in as little as 3 weeks! The results are based on a trial campaign with selected beauty personalities to experience the effects of the product. Most of the personalities shared rave reviews on significant improvement of skin quality, radiance, texture, firmness along with the reduction of pigmentation such as acne scars and freckles as well as reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

__SOS UV Porcelain+ Launch - LtoR - Shareeta, Xiao Yu, Iman, Mr. Wilson Goh, Hannah, Melissa, Nalisa, Mina
SOS UV Porcelain+ Launch – Lto R – Shareeta, Xiao Yu, Iman, Mr. Wilson Goh, Hannah, Melissa, Nalisa, Mina

Manufactured in USA and Certified by US FDA, SOS UV Porcelain+ contains the below key ingredients:

  • L-glutathione: An anti-oxidant made of amino acids that lightens skin pigmentation, blemishes, dark spots and evens out skin tone while also providing skin whitening effects.
  • Polypodium Leucotomos: Protects skin from harmful effects of UV light and repairs tissue post exposure
  • Vitamin C: Promotes brighter & glowing skin
  • Collagen Peptides: Rejuvenates skin cells, reduce fine lines and increases skin elasticity.
  • Proprietary Alpha-Porcelain: Allows the active ingredients to maintain their singular benefits when mixed to work synergistically.
At the event, the panel discussion with Dr. Felicia Yoong, Dr. Lim Ing Kien and Dr. Sharon Gopalan shared more about the product

The active ingredients of SOS UV Porcelain+ are encapsulated in quality modified-release capsules under strict control of the US FDA, allowing for the proper transport of valuable ingredients through the stomach (without dissolution) prior to being absorbed by the body.

SOS UV Porcelain+ 2
Price: RM429.00 per box (30 capsules per box) . Each 750mg capsule is hygienically package in individual blisters.

How to use: Recommended to be consumed once a day on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before sun exposure.

Thus, if you’re experiencing dull and lack lustre skin. Or even having skin showing age spots, stubborn melanin patches, uneven skin tone and lack of skin elasticity; SOS UV Porcelain+, will be able to provide you the necessary sunscreen and protection against harmful UV rays. I’m definitely going to try this out to see whether it works *wink*

SOS UV Porcelain+ is only available at reputable clinics, dermatology and aesthetics practices. For more information, kindly visit http://sos-skin.com today.

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