Upholstering My Drab Old Sofa with New Fabrics from Belgium

Acacia Fabrics MP

WOW! In just a blink of an eye, Christmas has passed. Now, I’ve started counting down to Chinese New Year which is happening in early February. As usual when it gets closer to Chinese New Year, it’s time for spring cleaning. At the same time, I also have plans to change my old sofa set with a spanking new one. However, upon checking the current market price, a new sofa set is going to cost me a BOMB! So what’s my solution? I immediately thought of using fabrics to upholster my drabby old sofa set into something spanking new! With a change of colors and the right type of fabric, it helps to create a totally new look for my sofa.

Looking for a reputable fabric company

Acacia 2

My current sofa is now a faded drab brownish color, simply quite depressing to look at. I started my research and came upon Acacia Fine Fabrics, which is recognized as a leading distributor of superior European fabrics throughout Southeast Asia. They carried three iconic in-house brands (Acacia, Estelle and Estelle Prestige) and distributes two other brand names (FR-One and UV Pro). I was quite impressed with the kaleidoscope of colors and textures of fabrics available at their website. You can check it out here: https://www.acaciafabrics.com/en.

The right types of Fabrics

Variety of colors available from ‘Develop’ range that features the FibreGuard – stain-free technology.

From bold prints and clean-cut stripes, to striking rich color palettes and sheers, they have quite an extensive collection to cater for all tastes and budget. Not to mention, they carry plains, jacquards, embroidered, embellished silk, linen and cotton too! Yes, I found my dream fabric library ! *woots*

One of their fabrics that caught my eye was their FibreGuard – stain-free technology fabrics that keeps the covers looking brand new! From ballpoint pen, to coffee and common household stains are easily removed and keeps my fabric upholstered furniture looking good.  I’m certainly spoilt for choice as they feature a wide variety of fabric types, styles and designs that combines technology and trendy style.

Restyling ideas

Acacia 6
Loved this mix n match colors of green and blue. Looks super comfy

Lacking of ideas on ‘how’ to restyle my sofa, fret not. At Acacia Fine Fabrics, the website provides tons of ideas and samples with tips on restyling. I had an amazing time running thru their library of inspiration for design ideas.

It took me some time but I finally found the right fabric to upholstered my old sofa set. Ooh…I also took the opportunity to order some brand new sheer curtains as well. I’m sure my guests will be surprised this Chinese New Year!

Acacia 7
Bet this looks good at my home 😀

Keep your eyes peel when I’m ready to show everyone my restyled sofa and brand new curtains! If you’ve got other amazing ideas, do feel to share here too *wink*

Till then, thanks for reading…

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