Luxurious Ramadan Gifts from The Body Shop

The Body Shop

 Any season or celebration, is always a good time to buy thoughtful tokens to surprise the special someone. One of the best place to shop for gifts is The Body Shop. If you’re unaware, The Body Shop offers luxurious gifts for every occasion from Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and so forth. How can one forget about Hari Raya? This anticipated day is celebrated by all in Malaysia, hence it’s a good time to get some gifts for your loved ones.

The Body Shop

This year’s stunning new line-up of Ramadan gifts from The Body Shop is quite literally the gift collection that keeps on giving. Not only can the beautiful cutwork packaging be used as lanterns to display at your Eid celebrations, every Ramadan gift you buy from The Body Shop’s seasonal collections also helps to enlighten the life of a refugee child by helping them to find peace through play. This is a partnership with International Alert in order to raise money for the Peace Play Project.

The Body Shop

If you’re wondering how to make your gifts special, you can add a personal touch to it.  At The Body Shop, you can get creative and personalize each gift box with someone’s name or greetings in glitter. Isn’t that fantastic!

With tons of beautifully wrapped up gifts available from head to toe,  you are definitely spoil for choice.  That’s the fun in shopping for gifts!


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Wishing Everyone Selamat Hari Raya In Advance!

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