(Movie Review) A New Batman in Gotham – The LEGO Batman Movie

Warning! If you loved the gritty emotionless Ben Affleck Batman or the always-having-a-sore-throat Christian Bale Batman, you’ll be in for a shock. The Lego Batman Movie is the most hilarious portrayal of the caped crusader (in a good way of course). This animated rendition of the Dark Knight is full of jokes, references that will please the hard-core fans and a good story line with powerful values for the kids. And in some weird way, this may be the only movie that tackles Batman’s biggest enemy – himself.

The movie’s plotline is simple, the Joker is hatching an evil plan to takeover Gotham City and Batman may just have to drop his lone vigilante thing. Though the plotline sounds like EVERY other Batman movie, the real emphasis on the development is Batman himself. From the beginning, Batman is portrayed as an egotistical loner who basks in praise however is secretly lonely and lost inside. He hides his feelings with his machoness and nine abs body (which he points on several times in the movie). But when he is alone, he is filled with an emptiness he cannot fill.

To complement the “new” Batman comes a new Joker as well. I personally did not like the way the movie portrayed the Batman-Joker relationship. In here, Joker (portrayed by the voice of Zach Galifianakis) is a character who’s in a love/hate relationship with Batman. Thus, he went to great lengths to prove he’s Batman one true enemy. By the way, do keep your eyes wide open as there are tons of surprising badguys appearance in this movie!

Alongside Batman is his trusty sidekick Robin who somehow manages to get Bruce Wayne to adopt him and he becomes Batman’s sidekick. Robin is a cheerful and loveable character. He complements Batman’s egotistical nature with his loving persona often calling Batman ‘padre’.

The movie is packed full of quotable jokes and most are very relatable to hard-core batman fans (hint hint they poke fun at the shark repellent). I loved how it pokes fun of the previous Batman movies as well as other superheroes as well.. There was a brief moment in the film where Alfred references all the live action movies of Batman (which was hilarious!). On top of the jokes, it is action packed as well with tones of fight scenes, explosions and the list goes on.

This movie also focuses on Batman’s biggest fear – self acceptance.  Here, Batman is portrayed as a lonely vigilante hiding behind his mask. He pushes people away because he fears of losing them. Slowly, he starts to accept and even allow them into his life. Truly, a story of coming to terms and accepting the things that happen around you.

Overall, this is one of the best animated Batman films to have come out. Its blend of satirical humour and moral values makes this a wonderful film for both parents and children alike. Will Arnett’s voice acting of Batman is a complete contrast to the iconic voice of Kevin Conroy BUT is a brilliant addition to the multitude of actors who have played Batman.

Here are my Top 5 reasons you should watch it:

  • A great storyline with good moral values for children to watch.
  • It has a lot of funny jokes SO GOOD & Extremely Detailed!
  • Batman totally stands out in this movie.
  • The chemistry with tones of references for both new and old Batman fans.
  • The animation is
  • and flow between characters was amazing.

Rating: 4.8/5

Check out the trailer here:

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