(Review) GT Mobile Introduces New Model GT 888 Smartphone

There’s many smartphone available in the market in Malaysia. New to join for the foray is GT Mobile from Singapore. Today, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on GT Mobile -Model GT 888 smartphone.

Unboxing the white semi-matte box, you’ll find:

  • GT 888 mobile phone
  • White pouch that doubles as casing
  • Phone Battery
  • Earphone
  • Charger
Comes with FOC Screen Protector

You can protect the beautiful GT 888 – 5.5” 2.5D Arc Screen using the FREE screen protector provided in the box. The arc screen made from Gorilla Glass 3 and is equipped with IPS technology that delivers high-resolution and stunning visual from every angle. Furthermore, GT 888 is also 300% shatterproof and scratch-resistant as well.

GT Mobile – Model GT 888 has a 4G Dual Sim card slots that I can specify which to make and receive calls . However, do note that it’s a bit tricky to open the cover so be extra careful.

 Lightweight with elegant classic metal frame.

As bloggers, we do so love to take ‘Selfies’ or ‘wefies’. Using GT 888 is ideal for it has low- light performance and offers the best of night shoot. Why? It’s because it’s stacked with OV8865 image sensors which enables 0.3 sec focus. On the rear camera its 8MP while 5MP on the front camera. Personally, I feel the camera function is pretty normal and nothing exciting to shout about.

GT 888 is built with a 64-bit Quad Core processor to enable users to multi task. Plus it’s running on 5.1 Android Lollipop. In terms of visual clarity and sound is pretty clear too. However, I noticed that whenever I turn the phone to landscape mode to watch video, the visual automatically becomes pixelated.

The phone is also equipped with HotKnot application. All you need to do is just simply contact two touch screens together and immediately start sharing your photos, music and files to name a few.  Also take note with GT Mobile smartphone, you can use their in-built GT Watch and GT Dollar app. All these functions only work amongst GT Mobile gadgets.

One awesome thing about GT 888 is the fact that it’s got quick charge revolutionary technology. Just charge it for 15 minutes and the battery life span will be at a level of 35%!

Overall, I would say it’s a pretty decent phone for entry level users. GT 888 is available in either silk white or metal grey. For more information on GT Mobile, please visit their website .

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