(Movie Review) – Stunning & Courageous Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman follows the stunning and beautiful Gal Gadot who plays Diana Prince, an Amazon warrior woman. From the earlier snippets in Batman vs Superman, I have so many questions about this superhero and the story was beautifully revealed in ‘Wonder Woman’

Diana was born in a mysterious island hidden by Zeus in a protective dome. She grew up believing that it is her sacred duty to protect her island not knowing that there is another world beyond the dome. Thus, when Chris Pine crash landed into her world, she expands her understanding and figure it’s time for her to defend the world.

In Diana’s eyes, Ares- the God of War, and her inevitable nemesis, is what causing the war waged by humans. She’s determined to kill him to restore peace to both worlds. The final epic moment of the fight between them will see Diana rises from a fall, and rises to a symbolic assumption of her superhero status.

The movie balances a fair amount of flavour and comedy by injecting humor and romance, utilizing them even in places where gripping action sequences are imminent. Women empowerment is noticeable in this movie and yet Chris Pine shines in his own moments. One of the most touching scene was when he grapples for words to ask Diana’s help to win the war; he practically breaks down.

Wonder Woman story plot also allows us to understand Diana’s motives and why she “walked away from mankind” 100 years ago, and why she returned to protect this world forever. I totally love the movie, enjoyed every moment of the action scenes and quirky romantic moments. Till today, I’m still humming the Wonder Woman theme song.

Rating: 8/10

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