A Foodie Journey To Next Food Junction, Klang Parade

Last week after work, I was extremely famished. First thought that comes to my mind ‘Where to head for affordable and yet yummy food’? . After pondering for few minutes, it came to me and thus I found myself driving to Next Food Junction, Klang Parade. For the klangnites, Klang Parade is well known as a hangout mall for great entertainment and delicious food.

I usually prefer to have my meals in cafes or restaurants in the shopping mall.  Unless there was no option then I would head for the food court. The first time I ventured into Next Food Junction, Klang Parade ;  I was truly sceptical but I was surprised for the food was really good. Not to mention, the food court is spacious and clean too. This is my second time heading there for a meal and I’m going to try as many stalls as possible.

At Next Food Junction , customers will find it easy to hunt for the food they love as the stalls are segregated into two sections. On the left side, stalls are serving halal food whilst right side its the non-halal part. For me, I usually head for the non-halal section as there’s many stalls serving my favourite food. 

One of my favourite food stall in Next Food Junction, would have to be  Restaurant Lan Jie famous for their pipping spicy steam fish. All you need is just a bowl of white rice to accompanied this dish.

Look at the generous topping of golden brown garlic on pipping steam fish accompanied by spicy chillies and soaked in deliciously sesame soy sauce. I polish my bowl of rice in a matter of minutes 😛

Next, I also ordered Chicken Chop, Hokkien Noodles and Steamed Pork Belly Salted Fish Rice as well (Of course smaller portion otherwise I would be wasting food). The chicken chop proof to be a good choice as it’s perfectly crisp with juicy meat inside. There’s also salad on the side as well. As for Hokkien Noodles it tasted pretty good as well. Ooh, one must definitely try the steamed pork belly salted rish rice, it’s super duper yummy and fragrant!

I had a fantastic time enjoying all my favourite food at Next Food Junction, Klang Parade. Wait, did I mentioned all the food I had cost me less than RM60! Too bad, I didn’t have the opportunity to visit the halal stall sections. I took a peek at it and spotted a variety of stalls ranging from Portuguese, Nasi Kukus, Western Food and many more.

On my next visit, I’ve got plans for buka puasa feast with my friends at the Halal Section. Shall update everyone, on my trip to Next Food Junction, Klang Parade.

Next Food Junction (4th Floor)
Klang Parade
2112, KM2,
Jalan Meru, Klang
 Next Food Junction

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