Newly opened Elenour Café at Bandar Botanic Klang

Many new cafes are spotted around Bandar Botanic, Klang. Introducing ‘Elenour’ a newly opened café which has just started operating less than 3 months ago and is popular for their waffles. The café interior gives off a warm and relaxing vibe. Upon chatting with the owner Elenour (which the café is aptly named after) the interior was done by her father thus adding a touch of homeliness element.

We kick start our review by ordering drinks such as Flat White, Chocolate Latte and Honey Lemon Tea. I loved the beautiful coffee art done by the owner Elenour who is also a barista as well. The coffee has a sweet bitter after taste.

From Top - Honey Lemon, Flat White & Chocolate Latte
From top – Honey Lemon Tea (RM6.80), Flat White (RM8.80) & Chocolate Latte (RM9.80)

For our first dish, we had was Carbonara. Spaghetti was al-dente topped with creamy white sauce, fresh mushroom, smoked chicken and cheese. It tasted great however a tad too salty for my liking, most likely it’s caused by the generous amount of smoked chicken in the dish.

Carbonara Elenour
Carbonara – RM13.80

Second dish is My Dad’s Favourite. You’re probably wondering what this dish is. It’s actually Aglio Olio Spaghetti topped with prawn, smoked chicken, succulent scallop, mushroom and chili flake. The taste was well balanced and not too spicy.

My Dad's Favourite - Elenour
My Dad’s Favourite – RM14.80

Also tried a new dish from their newly launched menu the Butter Fish with Rice. The fish fillet was perfectly grilled and topped with generous homemade sauce. However, I tasted a hinge of muddy taste which is quite common in butter fish.

Butter Fish with Rice - Elenour
Butter Fish with Rice – RM16.80

Next, dish is dessert known as Zen de Lenour. Another quirky name which is actually French Toast using White Toast bread topped with orange and grill banana. Simply tantalizing for the bread is fluffy and the sweetness of the banana and tangy orange fuses really well. The homemade sauce was awesome and after checking with Elenour it’s actually Goji Berry sauce. Definitely ‘Must Try’!

Zen de Lenour - Elenour
Zen de Lenour – RM12.80

Another yummy dessert is the Oreo Chip Waffle featuring Vanilla Bean, Triple Chocolate Ice Cream with chocolate sauce and nuts. The waffles tasted great for Elenour uses egg batter rather than the normal ready pre-mix which brings a fresh touch to this dish. Fluffy and crispy at the same time, the waffles is really scrumptious.  Another ‘Must Try’ dish!

Oreo Chip Waffle - Elenour
Oreo Chip Waffle – RM11.80

Unfortunately, we did not managed to try the well-known Crispy Chop Waffle for the chicken fillet wasn’t prime that night. However, after a few day, Elenour contacted me to extend another invite to try this dish plus their most popular breakfast dish Sunny Royale.

Had Mocha that day and again the coffee art is simply too cute to resist 😀

Mocha - Elenour
Mocha – RM9.80

Here’s the most popular breakkie at Elenour café the Sunny Royale. Using waffle as base and topped with sunny egg, sausage, smoked chicken, cherry tomatoes and sprinkle with herbs is truly tasty and comes highly recommended. The waffle was sweet and fluffy with crispy edges. Cherry tomatoes was fresh and topped with generous diced sausage and smoked chicken which makes it truly irresistible.

Sunny Royale - Elenour
Sunny Royale – RM11.80

Lastly, I present to you the infamous Crispy Chop Waffle. Crunchy chicken chop sandwich between fluffy crispy waffles. Topped with special mayo espresso sauce, chili sauce and some mayonnaise is really good. Definitely ‘Must Try’ for the chicken chop is freshly made on the spot and is extremely well seasoned. On top of that, the meat is tender and juicy to bite on as well.

Elenour café is definitely a winner with their waffles and I loved the fact that they used freshly made ingredients in most of their dishes. Not to mentioned, they’ve got a creative chef that likes to experiment with sauces and ingredients to provide high quality food that doesn’t burn a hole in our pocket. This café is also pork free as well. Go ahead and try it out for yourself today.

Elenour Cafe
No.5, Jalan Mahogani 5/ KS7,
Bandar Botanic Klang
41200, Klang
+6012 – 499 7828
 [email protected]
Elenour Cafe

Operations Hours:
Mon- Thu : 11am – 11pm
Fri & Sat : 11am – 12am
Sun : 11am – 11pm

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