(Review) My hair Colour Experience With evo® products

The last round I coloured my hair was almost 3 years ago and I was thinking to get it done before Christmas. Finally gathering enough courage, I decided to colour my hair with evo®, a popular salon product at fashionable hairdressers available across Australia and America. How I knew about this product was because I attended their event launching a couple of months earlier.  evo®  is well known for being  sulphate, paraben, dea, tea and propylene glycol free plus the product gives off amazing vibrant hair colours.

Upon arriving at EIG, I was introduced to my hair colourist Ms. Jolene who has more than 8 years of experience in this field. Before starting my colouring session, she had to bleach my hair as its too black. Frankly speaking, I wasn’t comfortable with that idea but Jolene quickly put me at ease by recommending a product that’s ammonia free which is not too harsh for my hair.

Before Hair do
Before – Ultra jet black hair

In the midst of bleaching, noticed that I’ve decided to go for ombre as I did not have the courage to go all the way 😀

Bleaching Process

Ooh…my hair is turning into a lighter brown and I jokingly mentioned to Jolene might as well leave it that way.

Lighten hair

Took my time selecting my hair colour while waiting for it to be ready ..ta-da its Pomegranate

Jolene used evo faboloso® pro™ platinum- platine & red- rouge to create the color I’ve selected.

Products Use Evo Fabuloso

Applying evo faboloso® pro™ mixture on my hair and it looks so purplish

After 45 minutes, here’s my new hairdo look *OMG super in love with the vibrant colour 😀 *

Final outcome

What’s fantastic about evo faboloso® pro™ is that it last up to 16 wash. Feel free to change to a different hair colour tone ranging from a vivid green to golden copper brown next round *wink wink*. Did I mentioned, they’ve also got evo fabuloso® colour enhancing conditioners that works as an instant hair colour boost with nourishing treatment effect. It’s customised using colours palette and conditioners for us to bring home to maintain our coloured hair. Ideal to use between salon visits to revive and brighten coloured hair in only 3 minutes and is available in purple red, copper, caramel, light beige, platinum blonde, chestnut and mahogany. The product is also ammonia and peroxide free and my customized colour was purple red.

Evo Hair Colour Conditioner

Love the minimalist packaging featuring photographic imagery with a great visual impact outcome.  Plus factor, evo®’s packaging is 100% recyclable! I can’t wait to flaunt my new hairdo to my family and friends. Now, I’m hooked to hair colouring and after 16 wash I got to decide which color to go for. Till then, will keep you all posted on my next hair colouring session 😀

Loving my new RED hair
After – Loving my flaming red ombre look

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