(Review) Epic Ape Battle In War For The Planet Of Apes

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Since watching the Dawn Of Apes, I was anticipating the final instalment of this epic ape vs human battle. Do I expect a full-on-war movie? You bet I did. Did it live up to expectations? Then you got to read out to find out more 😀

War for the Planet of Apes is set 15 years after a ‘simian flu’ almost wipe out the human species on earth and yet empowered our smart apes with more intelligence. Deep in the forest, the apes has set up a comfortable encampment to protect themselves from the human whilst searching for a location to hide safely.

Twentieth Century Fox’s “War for the Planet of the Apes.”

Our tribe hero Caesar (Andy Serkins) is now married and all he ever wanted was peace with the humans. Danger strikes when their encampment was attacked by guerrilla commandos killing his beloved wife and son. In his grief, Caesar swore vengeance against the cold blooded colonel who murdered his family. It was during this brutal battle, it was revealed to us that some of the apes has turned treacherous. Named ‘Donkey’ they collaborated with the humans to hunt and kill the apes.  (Note: This batch of traitor apes used to be KOBA’s followers, the evil ape from Dawn of the Apes)

Twentieth Century Fox’s “War for the Planet of the Apes.”

From here, we watched as Caesar trek across the country (riding on the pony) and pick up 2 sidekicks along the way. One is a talking ape who used to be from the human zoo and the other is a human who’s mute. They managed to trek the guerrilla attackers but was again ambushed. This time Caesar himself was capture and imprisoned together with his tribes.

Karin Konoval, left, and Amiah Miller in Twentieth Century Fox’s “War for the Planet of the Apes.”

Facing brutal working conditions and torture, Caesar seeks to redeem himself, save his tribe and still have plans to murder the colonel. Got to say, the colonel is probably a whacko for it was finally revealed that his battle was actually against his fellow human comrades. To find out why and whether Caesar escaped, you’ve got to watch the movie for youself 😛

In a nutshell, I was pretty impressed with the Ape’s costume which was extremely convincing. In certain scenes, the raw emotions displayed was so touching that even I was moved to tears. Battle scenes are brutal and yet executed brilliantly. In fact at some points, I was beginning to compare Caesar to (Chow Yun Fatt) whenever he’s wielding the gun! *lolx*

As for storyline, one can be quite caught in the grip of guerrilla war, followed by quest journey and ends with prison-break. I truly enjoyed watching this movie.

Ratings: 4/5

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