(Review) Hada Labo New Hydrating Cream

I was down with flu recently and was taking a lot of medication. As such, my skin condition was quite dull and dry. Thus, I decided to try Hada Labo Hydrating Cream to bring my dry skin back to life as it helps in regaining suppleness and long-lasting moisture of the skin. Formulated to restore hydration, the latest Hada Labo Hydrating Cream is enriched with Vitamin A, C and E encapsulated in yellow microbeads that gradually releases its nutrients upon application on the skin.

These three powerful antioxidants work synergistically to infuse essential nutrients and hydration deep into the skin. Apart from that, Hada Labo Hydrating Cream also combines 4 types of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) namely – large-sized, medium-sized, super HA and nano HA alongside the botanical nutrients to constantly lock, replenish and store moisture on our skin.

Hada Labo- Hydrating Cream 1
Hada Labo Hydrating Cream , 50g – RM69.90

Are you aware that Hada Labo Hydrating Cream is also formulated with High Performance Penetrating and Deep Moisturizing Technology (HHP&M)? What it does is to helps penetrate moisture deeply into the skin layers to form an effective moisture barrier for a perfect, moisturized skin.

Hada Labo- Hydrating Cream 2
Its a white creamy texture filled with Vitamin A, C and E that’s encapsulated in yellow microbeads

The Hado Labo Hydrating Cream is pH balance and free from alcohol, fragrance as well as mineral oil. As such, it is suitable for normal to dry skin.

Application Method:

  • After toner, apply evenly on face and neck in light upwards massage strokes.
  • Gently, pat to allow full absorption into the skin
  • Used twice a day (Day/Night)
Hada Labo- Hydrating Cream 3
When massaging the Hada Labo Hydrating Cream on our skin,  the yellow microbeads will break open to release its nutrients which contains Vitamin A,C & E.

I’ve been using this for more than a week and what do I think about it?

  • Texture is a rich creamy white and takes about 3 -5 minutes for it to fully absorb. Feel that the cream is kinda sticky during day application but for night its fine.
  • Restore dry skin wonderfully especially my nose area look more supple and moisturised.
  • Fragrance free

Verdict: This product is good to use for dry skin but not so for combo skin like mine as it causes me to develop black heads around my jawline area. Its advisable to use it at night to avoid the stickiness problem I’ve faced during daytime. Lastly, if you’re using any oil based serum please do not mixed the product together. You’ll end up having a fine sheen of oil glistening on your face (trust me, I tried it once before 😀 ).


The Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Cream, 50g is sold at RM69.90 and will be made available at all leading pharmaceutical stores starting May 2016. For more information, visit Hada Labo Facebook Page

Disclaimer: This review is based on my own experience and as you all know different skin type reacts differently to skincare products.

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