(Review) Hair Transformation Journey @ Aki Hair Studio

It’s been such a long time that my hair maintains at my chest level and frankly speaking I’m getting kinda tired with it. When the opportunity presented itself for me to go thru a hair transformation, without hesitation I said ‘Yes’! . With that, I headed off to Aki Hair Studio to have my hair done.

Aki Hair Studio

Here’s a quick introduction of Aki Hair Studio which is quite well-known within the expat community in Mont Kiara. A boutique-concept salon owned and managed by Japan born and trained hair stylish Masayuki Akiyama; the salon has a loyal fan base that includes  stylish society girls, elegant corporate ladies and fashion forward fashionistas.  At Aki Hair Studio, the trend is usually inspired by seasonal trends of Japanese hair styling and the sophisticated classic style of the European countries. Resulting in manageable hair styles that’s naturally beautiful.
Even the concept of simplicity and minimalist is reflected in their decor. Love the nature rustic ambience which makes me feel extremely comfortable. Apart from that, the team at Aki Hair Studio is really friendly and courteous that helps to calm my jittering nerves on that day.
Aki Hair Studio 3
Here’s me before my hair cut and you’ll notice that I’ve got straight long hair with ombre red colour at the bottom. My stylist for the day is Masa-san who is the salon manager of Aki Hair Studio. He chatted with me and asked my opinion on my hair cut preference, acceptable hair colorings, perming and so forth. Finally, we decided on getting a bob shoulder length hair cut with perms at the bottom and coloring to be decided later on.
Aki Hair Studio 4
Kinda cute that they provide ‘eye-mask’ to ensure that our eyes are protected by the bright lights.
 The first step is to wash my hair to get it ready for a haircut.
Aki Hair Studio 7 (2)
Lebel -IAU Hair Series Range
Masa-san recommended me to try the Lebel – IAU serum hair care range as my hair has some natural curls and was kinda dry and frizzy. This hair care product is used to control the texture of my naturally curly hair and creates a more moisturise and manageable hair. Containing  a highly moisturising  green nut oil that easily spreads and penetrate into my hair to retain moisture. The product also has drying oil which will give my hair a smooth glossiness and silky appearance. The star product would have to be the IAU-Serum Oil which keeps hair shiny and silky with moisturised feel. I loved the fruity fragrance of the shampoo and conditioner it makes my hair smells so heavenly. As for the serum oil, it’s amazingly non-oily and doesn’t weight down my hair at all. (Note: the serum oil is used as the last step after my hair do is done)
Aki Hair Studio 14

After thoroughly cleansing my scalp, it’s time to chop those locks off. Masa-san was definitely a happy man that day as I told him feel free to style it the way you want.

Aki Hair Studio 4 (2)

Next, it’s time to perm my hair. This is quite a fast process as it takes only 30 – 40 minutes. Masa-san is trying to create natural hair curls that’s easily manageable for me.

Aki Hair Studio 7
Deesse’s – 3 Step In Salon Treatment

Finished my perm, Masa-san recommended me to used Deesse’s 3 Step In Salon Treatment. This treatment will visibly  improve overall hair appearance instantly such as moisturising, silky, shiny and strong pliable hair. It’s really a quick hair treatment as it only takes about 10-15 minutes for the treatment to be done. The product does not carries a strong chemical smell and in fact it’s quite a pleasant minty aroma. The end result was my hair was way smoother and silkier than before.

Ta-da the first part of my hair is done, I’ve got myself layered shoulder length bob hair with perms at the bottom. So kawaii 😀 However, I shall have to return in another 10 days to get my hair coloring done as Aki Hair Studio believes in taking better care of my hair rather than further damaging it with chemicals.

After 10 days has passed, I dutifully reported myself back to Aki Hair Studio. By then, I’ve decided to colour my hair all the way and requested for a more natural colour.  Here I’m using Ordeve professional hair colour in basic tone color. Masa-san has also mixed in some green highlights for me well.

Aki Hair Studio 10
LOL cheeky Masa-san photo bombing my selfie 😛

Waited for about 40 minutes for the color to set in. Here’s the final outcome and I’m so digging it!!

After colouring - Aki

OMG, I feel totally transformed and I’m so in love with my new hairdo. I looked way younger and my hair is shinier and bouncier with a silky smooth touch to it. You’re probably wondering how much does it cost to get everything done. Take a look at the service price list below:

Aki Hair Studio 5

Thanks to Aki Hair Studio and Masa-san for creating this hair do for me 😀 It was definitely worth it to travel all the way from Klang to Mont Kiara. If you’re in need of a good hair cut, feel free to check out Aki Hair Studio.

Aki Hair Studio
Verve Shops @ Mont’ Kiara
Unit 6-1B, Level 6 , 
No.8, Jalan Kiara 5, Mont Kiara
50480, Kuala Lumpur
+603- 6206 5206
Facebook: Aki Hair Studio 

Operations Hours:
Mon – Sun : 9am – 8.30pm

2 thoughts on “(Review) Hair Transformation Journey @ Aki Hair Studio

  1. Following your recommendation, I went to Aki Hair Studio yesterday. My experience was extremely unpleasant. Aki is very unprofessional. I went for a simple dye touch up and he totally botched it up. After he finished I still found many strands of grey hair. When I told him about it, I was totally astonished when he simply replied – ‘so?’. He did not even apologise for his total incompetence. I was really taken aback by his manner and told him, ‘aren’t you going to rectify it?’ After some contemplation, he agreed to redo the job. I ended up subjecting myself to the harmful dyes a second time, this time without scalp protection! Moreover, my family and I had to spend another hour and a half at the hairdresser and had to cancel our planned outing to the cinema. I had spent so much of money only to be left miserable and with an aching head and throughout the ordeal not a word of apology from this idiot Aki.

    1. Ooh my…I went there twice and he was quite professional. On my first round it was restyling and second round for perm and color. I’m sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience.

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