(Review) It’s Results Time @ 30 Days Of Applying Realash

Time sure flew by and it’s now exactly a month after trying out Realash. If you recall early last month, I blogged in dismayed about my sparse eyelashes and undefined eyebrows (read it here). Now, 30 days has gone by and it’s time for me to reveal my results. Honestly, I never thought it would work although there’s rave reviews about it. Now, there’s absolutely no doubt about it for I’ve seen the results with my very own eyes.

Realash 4

I’ve been using it for 30 days and the results are just SUPERBLY AMAZING for Eyelash Enchancer! My eyelashes look thicker and fuller (kinda like using voluminous mascara). In terms of length, it has slightly grown longer as well. I also noticed that my eyelash is stronger and denser than before. With a healthier eyelash, I’ve less lashes falling out. In fact, even friends noticed the changed and asked me about this wondrous product 😀

B&A Eyelash
p/s: Before photos are taken in daylight & after photos are in nighttime. (Thus colour difference)

How to apply Realash Eyelash Enhancer (Night time only):

Realash 13

  • Cleanse your face & eyes properly
  • Make sure its dry
  • Apply the Eyelash Enhancer on the top of your eyelids (just like mascara)

As for the Brow Conditioner, it’ll usually take 2 – 3 months to see a significant difference. I had a trimming earlier and I applied the brow conditioner, it seems to make it grow even faster. Now, one of my eyebrows is shorter than the other, thus I saw a slight change in the area. However, as my brows are quite thick, the end results is not that significant. Probably will give it another month or so.

B&A Eyebrow
p/s: Before photos are taken in daylight & after photos are in nighttime. (Thus colour difference)

How to apply Realash Brow Conditioner (Night time only):

Realash 9

  • Cleanse your face
  • Make sure its dry
  • Apply the Brow Conditioner from inner to other brow.

By the way, don’t worry about stickiness or oiliness for the serum absorbs rather quickly. Plus factor, REALASH and BROW formula are completely safe to use for stimulating lash and brow growth. I did not encounter any irritations or allergic reactions around the eye area.


So ladies, do try this out if you want longer lashes and more defined brows. Feel free to visit Realash’s Official Website or Facebook Page  for more information.

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