(Review) Moisturize And Brighten Lips With New Lipice Sheer Color

My lips are always chapping even though I drink tons of water a day (more than 8 litres). Heading out for events is tough as I feel incomplete without putting on any lipstick.  If there’s one item that can save my day it would be Lipice.  The No. 1 lip care brand in Malaysia recently introduced its newly upgraded LipIce Sheer Colour.

Lipice 1
LipIce Sheer Color (Strawberry) – RM15.80

With an upgraded Beeswax and Argan Oil formula, the new Lipice Sheer Colours provides 10 hours of moisturizing properties and also helps to brighten dull lips. It’s also infused with Commiphora Mukul Herb Extract to smoothen fine lines and keep the lips bouncy. That sounds like the perfect lip balm for me.

Lipice Sheer Colour is an interchangeable colour lip balm

How does it works? Just glide on the clear limp balm on my lips and wait for a few seconds. ‘Voila’ my lips colour changes to a natural sheer pink that enhances my  dry and chapped lips.

I’m using LipIce Sheer Color (Strawberry)

It’s certainly magic to see my dry chapped lips turned into a moisturised and bouncy fuller lips for it contains natural moisturizing ingredients such as Shea Butter, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Aloe Extract. Apart from that, the anti-oxidant Vitamin E also helps to protect my lips against the harsh environment.  I can feel my lips is much smoother than before.

Love how my lips look more nourish and healthy with a pinkish glow

No wonder its brand ambassador, Korean singer and actress Kim Jae-Kyung is singing praises about it.


I’ve now turned into an avid fan of the LipIce Sheer Color for no other lip balm manage to make my lips look that gorgeous and healthy. The LipIce Sheer Color is priced at RM15.80  each and  is available in three variants namely Strawberry, Shimmer and Fragrance Free. It’s sold at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets. For more information, visit  Lipice Malaysia Facebook Page today!

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