(Review) Journey To Radiant Skin With Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous System

Mary Kay MalaCEP Plus

Consider as having fair skin, I’ve got quite a bad pigmentation problem and this make my skin looks extremely dull. Apart from that I’ve dehydration problem with my skin as well. I’ve been in search of a skincare regime which can help me in these areas and was glad to hear that Mary Kay has a new skincare range known as MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous System.

MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous System range is specifically formulated and tested on Asian skin. The product offers luminosity benefits that includes translucency, brightness, purity, even-looking tone, and hydration. It’s been dermatologist and clinically tested for skin irritancy and allergy, thus it’s suitable for sensitive skin. The products also suits dry, normal, combination or oily skin types and have been found to be gentle and non-irritating. My skin type is combination with oily T-Zone and is slightly sensitive around the nose area. Apart from that, I’ve got dark spots problems as well, thus this new range should suits me well.

The key ingredients in MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous System includes:

  • Edelweiss extract: Helps to target melanin and diminish discoloration on the skin.
  • Algae extract: Targets melanin and helps reduce the appearance of discoloration on the skin’s surface.
  • Vegetable amino acids: Improve the brightness of skin, overall evenness of skin tone and reduce the visible contrast of dark spots on the skin.
  • Shiitake mushroom extract: Contains a specific enzyme known for their purification properties.
Mary Kay
The packaging is ultra feminine with its pinkish off white colours.

Featuring five products in MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous System range are the Ultimate Serum, Foaming Cleanser, Freshener, Mask and Ultimate Cream. It’s now time to test the product and see whether it delivers the result it promise.

Mary Kay - MelaCep Plus Cleanser
MelaCEP Plus+™ Foaming Cleanser (100ml) – RM129

Start by cleansing my face with Foaming Cleanser. The white foam creamy texture easily glides onto my face and effectively lifts away impurities. This delicate cleanser leave my skin feeling refresh, smooth and soft. Plus factor, it’s fragrant free.

Mary Kay - MelaCep Plus Cleanser 1

Method: Squeeze a dallop (about 5 cent size) and add warm water. Gently lather until foam forms and massage onto my face. Cleansed thoroughly with water. Used twice daily in the morning and night.

Mary Kay - MelaCep Plus Mask
MelaCEP Plus+™ Mask (85ml) – RM169

Before applying the Freshener, I decided to try the Mask. Applied the white colour mask onto my cleansed face and neck for 5 -10 minutes to increase my skin vitality. I can feel a slight tightening as the mask begins to dry off, take note that the mask will not be completely dry when you washed it off. After washing, my skin immediately look more luminous and radiant. It also leaves my skin feeling more moisturized and smooth too.

Mary Kay - MelaCep Plus Mask 1

Method: Apply on cleansed face and neck for 5 – 10 minutes. Washed with warm water. To be used twice a week.

Mary Kay - MelaCep Plus Toner
MelaCEP Plus+™ Freshener (100ml) – RM129

Finishing my mask, I applied the fragrant free Freshener which absorbs easily and quickly onto my skin.  It leaves my skin feeling toned and refreshed.

Method: Pour 1 – 2 drops onto a cotton pad and gently pat onto my cleansed face and night. Used twice daily in the morning and night.

Mary Kay - MelaCep Plus Serum 1
MelaCEP Plus+™ Ultimate Serum (30ml) – RM350

Next step is to apply the Ultimate Serum. The product contains Hexylresorcinol that helps target glutathione and the accumulation of pigment on the skin’s surface. It also contains Maritime pine and white birch extract that target our melanin as well.  Silky smooth texture in translucent colour, it easily glides onto my face. It takes less than 2 seconds for the product to fully absorb into my skin and I certainly loved it. Apart from being fragrant free, the Ultimate Serum doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or oily.

Mary Kay - MelaCep Plus Serum

Method: Pump 1 – 3 drops and gently massage in upward strokes on the face and neck. Used twice daily in the morning and night.

Mary Kay - MelaCep Plus Moisturizer
MelaCEP Plus+™ Ultimate Cream (30ml) – RM180

Last step is to apply Ultimate Cream which is touted as the key product highlight in this range. It’s slightly scented in a white creamy texture. It glides easily on my skin giving me a luxurious moisturised feeling. On first touch, it may feel slightly sticky but once it’s oxidized (about 3 minutes) the stickiness feeling fades away. This product provides 24-hours moisturization and gives immediate hydrating effects and radiance to my skin.

Method:  Use a spoon to scoop 1 -3  dallop of the cream. Gently massage in upward strokes on the face and neck. Used twice daily in the morning and night.

Before & After MelaCEP
Pictures are taken 3 weeks apart under different daylight. Only adjusted the brightness and no filter is used in both photos.

My Verdict: After using about 2 weeks, I feel my skin appearance has significantly improve in brightness and is not dull looking as before. On my 3rd week, some of my dark spots has diminished slightly and skin has a more radiant glow. On top of that, my skin is more smooth and supple. With the improvement in my skin, applying makeup is easier than before and it lasts longer as well.  Friends even noticed the changed of my skin and praised my skin for its luminous glow. In fact, my husband commented that my skin is so radiant he thought I was having makeup on my skin (p/s:: it was 8pm at night and I just finished washing my hair 😛 ) . This makes me so much more confident to step out with light makeup on my face.

I truly recommend this product to my friends and have no complaints but high praises for the product. Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous System is now available exclusively through Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. To locate a consultant, call 03-7711 7500 or visit www.marykay.com.my

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  1. I really love the serum. easily adsorb into my skin and the texture is light. Did not feel the sticky effect.

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