Review – Lucca Vudor luxurious handcrafted Italian Shoes that your feet will love!

We ladies loved to shop for shoes and honestly I always go ‘gaga’ over it. The crucial lessons I learnt when purchasing for shoes, is not to get cheap, beautiful pair of shoes which might end up hurting my feet. Instead focus on comfort and durability over the price factor. In a long run, a good pair of shoes can help maintain your overall well being, posture and gives you healthy feet.

Since, I have an ankle injury, I now realize the importance of having a good pair of footwear. I need a comfortable pair while running around meeting clients on a daily basis. I chanced upon  Lucca Vudor – a luxury shoe brand based in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. After browsing thru their website, I fell in love with their  beautiful designs and wide range of luxurious shoes handcrafted in Italian traditional method.  The shoes here are specially engineered for comfort whilst designs are stylishly chic.

Felice 366-6

At Lucca Vudor, there are various shoes available such as heels, sandals, boots, etc. It took me awhile to select as all the designs are gorgeous, I picked the classic brown Felice 366-6  as it suits my current work lifestyle. The chic preppy design featuring tassels is truly comfortable and is versatile to be worn with a pair of jeans or dress.

Wonder why I loved these pair of Lucca Vudor shoes? Below are the amazing factors:

  • It features the signature Lucca Vudor Pressure Relieving Sole. Insoles are padded with extra cushion for better comfort to reduce pain after prolonged walking.
  • The shoe The shoe (upper, lining and insole) is made of lightweight, finely grained lambskin leather – super soft and comfortable.
  • Widened toe box – to prevent tightness around the feet
  • Well balanced shoe form – for overall comfort

Another highlight is the color of the shoes which are quite unique. The reason for this is because  Lucca Vudor’s craftsman makes each pair by hands. They painstakingly colors each pair of shoes and each pair is consider a piece of art!

My Verdict:

I’m truly pleased with my purchase from Lucca Vudor. I’ve been wearing it for few days and I’m surprised with the level of comfort  it offers. I didn’t feel any soreness on my feet even after prolong hours of wearing it. Usually other shoes I’ve worn, always caused my feet to developed blisters at the toe area. Glad that this didn’t happen with Lucca Vudor shoes as they’ve got a wider toe box. The chic and classy design is also versatile enough for work day or date night.

If you are interested in purchasing a pair, feel free to visit Lucca Vudor at their Official Website .  For latest updates on their product, follow them on Facebook Facebook or Instagram 

Apart from online, they have physical retail stores available in Malaysia and Singapore:

  • Singapore: Suntec City, Star Vista, Beauty World Centre
  • Malaysia: Lot G-15, Atria Shopping Gallery

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