(Review) Milbon Plarmia Refining @ Today’s Hair Studio, Bukit Tinggi Klang

Having a hectic schedule for the past 5 months doesn’t permit me to have a hairdo. Thus, my beauty locks has now become unhealthy, super dry and just lost its lustre. The moment when I comb thru my hair and it gets tangled up, I realized it’s time for a visit to the hair salon. Today, I’m sharing with you my hair transformation after using Milbon Plarmia Refining at Today’s Hair Studio, Bukit Tinggi Klang.


Today’s Hair Studio is opened by 4 enterprising hair stylist who’s been in the industry for more than 10 years. I loved the chic and classy look of the salon, keeping the décor minimal featuring white, grey and black colours.

My stylist is Raymond, one of the managing director of Today’s Hair Studio. After a few minutes of chatting, she advises me to try the Milbon Plarmia Refining treatment as my hair was extremely dry. Of course, a haircut must be done as well since its way out of shape.


Just view the below pictures and you’ll realise how badly damaged my hair was. I opted to do hair coloring closer to Chinese New Year as I would like to restore my hair to its former shining glory.

So what’s Milbon Plarmia Refining treatment? It’s actually an aging care brand series completed with in-salon treatments and home care products to care for our scalp and hair. The Milbon Plarmia Refining Treatment consists of 4 SKUs such as Hair Serum Shampoo, Refining Micro Mousse, Refining H1 and Refining H2M.

Milbon Plarmia Refining Treatment series has a lovely purple lilac packaging

Kick start my treatment by using Milbon Plarmia Hair Serum Shampoo which contains Persimmon Tannin a deep cleansing ingredient to remove and reduce scalp odours. Using only 1 pump of the shampoo and it’s still very foamy. Loved the refreshing sweet fresh floral scent.


Next after a quick hair wash, it’s followed by applying Milbon Plarmia Refining Micro Mousse that contains collagen and Resveratrol which helps to soften and moisturizes the scalp. Raymond massages the mousse gently onto my scalp till it’s fully dissolve and quickly rinse my hair.

Now, it’s time to apply Milbon Plarmia Refining H1 that’s got a gel cream texture. The product contains Vitamin B6 and Lysine to penetrate and increase moisture in my hair. After applying this for 15 minutes, it’s followed by applying Milbon Plarmia Refining H2M which has a similar texture as H1.  Why are there 2 layers of treatment? Reason being the Refining H2M has amino oil emulsion which creates a uniform veil on hair surface and locks moisture in hair. Apart from that, it also contains CMADK to replenish my hair’s keratin and repairs the damaged areas. It also has evening primrose oil to further coats my hair surface to increase its shine. This treatment phase will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Finishing my treatment, it’s time for my hair cut. Raymond suggested for me to keep my hair shoulder length with light layers.


Ta-da.. I just loved how this haircut has completely transformed my look making me look younger 😀


What’s my verdict of Milbon Plarmia Refining Treatment? I simply adored it, my hair was so silky smooth after the treatment. My crowning glory has been restored with locks that looks so lustrous and shiny. It’s best to leave the treatment for 2 days before washing it off to allow full penetration. The most amazing thing is that up till date, my hair is still smooth and shiny and it’s all thanks to this treatment. I can now say goodbye dry frizzy hair!


Thanks to Raymond from Today’s Hair Studio for recommending Milbon Plarmia Refining Treatment.

Me together with Raymond showing off my shiny new haircut after Milbon Plarmia Refining Treatment

If you would like to try Milbon Plarmia Refining Treatment, book your appointment by calling +603- 3318 3721. Till then, stay tuned for my next hair transformation journey!

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