(Review) Moisturize My Skin with Cooling Effective Itch Relief products from Suu Balm

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Due to a combination of humid and rainy season, my housing area is infested with mozzies. I’m one of those that easily attracts insect bites and after bitten, the itchiness is just driving me crazy! I also noticed that when I sweat excessively my forearms tends to have rashes too.

Looking for a solution to resolve my problem, I chanced upon Suu Balm.  Suu Balm was formulated by a Senior Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Tey Hong Liang who runs the ‘Itch Clinic’ at the National Skin Centre, Singapore. It’s made for fast and effective itch relief with non-drying menthol while being highly moisturizing with REAL SKIN Identical Ceramides & filaggrin.

The products are high formulated with high quality in ingredients specially and carefully selected with NO HARSH ingredients like SLS/SLES, soap, sulfate, parabens, preservatives or artificial fragrances.

Who Should Use Suu Balm?

  • People with dry, itchy or sensitive skin. It’s also suitable for children aged 5 years old & above.
  • People with skin condition such as eczema, psoriasis & extremely dry skin condition
  • Rashes due to allergies, sweating, skin conditions, insect bites and etc.
  • Older people who have drier skin
Ceramide help hold skin together by forming a protective layer that limits moisture lost and protects against visible damage from pollution and other environmental stressors.

If you’re unaware, as you begin to age, your skin tends to get drier. This is due to fewer natural oils, sun damage, loss of hormones and decreased cell renewals which all lead to rougher and drier skin. At times, due to the tight tautness, you’ll feel itchy and starts to scratch your skin. This can cause bleeding which may lead to infection. Hence, using Suu Balm that contains ceramides not only moisturize your skin, it also helps to provide cooling and effective fast itchy relief.

I’ve been trying Suu Balm Dual Cooling & Moisturizing Cream Body Wash and Suu Balm Rapid Itch Relief Moisturizer

Suu Balm Dual Cooling & Moisturizing Cream Body Wash (470ml)

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Suu Balm Cream Body Wash  is an ideal gentle cleansing body wash on sensitive and dry skin for everyday use. It leaves your skin feeling soothed, moisturised and refreshed. This body wash contains NO sulfate, fragrance, parabens and is preservative free. It’s suitable for all skin types and works exceptionally well on anyone who has dry, sensitive or eczema prone skin.


I like the vibrant light green packaging that reflects of the great nature. It comes with a dispenser (which you can rotate to lock & unlock); all you need to do is pump in onto your palms. Voila, no messiness at all!

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Texture & scent

 Rich and creamy, it lathers up pretty well. There’s a refreshing mint with a hint of sweet shea buttery scent.

Suu Balm Dual Rapid Itch Relief Moisturizer (75ml)

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New products are seal for hygienic purposes

Suu Balm Dual Rapid Itch Relief Moisturizer  is a dual benefit skin care product for deep moisturization and rapid itch relief. It is designed for anybody with dry, itchy skin, to provide rapid itch relief and to help increase the frequency of moisturizing. Breaking the itch-scratch cycle will help prevent further damage to the skin from scratching. The product is formulated WITHOUT ingredients that could further irritate sensitive skin such as drying alcohol, fragrance/perfume and parabens


A classic minimalist packaging that comes in a tube format. I love this kind of packaging as there’s no wastage and its more hygienic.

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Texture & scent

The texture is lightweight gel creamy type. However, upon application it absorbs fast on the skin without any stickiness. It has a menthol scent for this product provides fast, cooling itch relief.

My Review on Suu Balm Dual Cooling & Moisturizing Cream Body Wash


Dual Rapid Itch Relief Moisturizer

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I’ve been using Suu Balm products for close to two weeks and pretty amazed with the results. The Dual Cooling & Moisturizing Cream Body Wash keeps my skin moisturize whilst offers a cooling effect during the crazy weather.  I applied the Dual Rapid Itch Relief Moisturizer after showering on body regions with itch or dryness. OMG…can’t believe all it took was 5 minutes and my itchiness is gone. Thanks to the menthol and skin identical ceramides formulation my skin moisture is replenish and restore quickly. This product can be used alongside any moisturizer or prescription (steroid) for fast itch relief and increased moisturizing frequency. Fret not, the product doesn’t contain steroid. Both products are suitable for all skin types. By the way, Suu Balm is also certified as Halal as well!

If you would like to try Suu Balm, it’s now available at Watsons, Caring and any pharmacies near you. You may also purchase online at Shopee (Suu Balm Official)

For more information on Suu Balm, please visit website or follow them on their social media accounts Facebook or  Instagram .

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