(Review) Sports Addict Sweat-Proof Makeup With Pupa Sport Addicted


If you guys have been following me on Instagram or Facebook Page, you would have notice that I’m back busting my ass at the gym. Did you by chance noticed my ‘Zombify’ looks posting after post work-out? To be honest, I would love to look naturally fresh and gorgeous after work out but it’s SO TOTALLY impossible with my melting makeup.

Now, there’s a good news for active sports people like me. Pupa one of the leading makeup Italian perfumeries has captured the trend of the sports addict. Thus, launched its exclusive all new line of Sport Addiction Makeup Collection which specially formulated for use during sport activities!


A total of 6 products was designed for the face, eyes and lips. From face powder to concealer, makeup fixer, mascara, eyeliner and lip balm. The aim of these wonderful product is to create a comfortable and extremely long-lasting perfect make-up even when you’re sweating! 

Let me repeat Sport Addiction Makeup Collection is sweat-proof, waterproof and totally sport-proof!!!

For me, I usually apply waterproof cosmetics before heading out for work. I tend to sweat easily thus my makeup have to be constantly touched up. The worst is probably my mascara. Despite using waterproof and smudge proof mascara, comes late noon I will have smudges at the bottom of my eyes (talk about a walking panda eyes). This is partly because of our humid and hot weather. Plus, my skin tends to create excessive oil as well.

Are you ladies excited to find out how Sport Addiction Makeup Collection fares? Let’s go!

Sport Addicted Concealer – RM85

Available in 3 different shades : light beige, natural beige and intense beige

Well, this lightweight formulated concealer is definitely on top of its game! I’m using the natural beige shade. The texture is not too creamy and sits comfortably on my skin all day long.  I love how it offers my skin good coverage whilst maintaining a natural radiant finishing. Adheres perfectly to my skin and extremely long-lasing even during my gym time!

Sport Addicted Mascara – RM89


Yipee! I finally found a mascara that lasts forever! This mascara’s applicator comes with a fibre applicator that comprises of 2 fibres with different rigidity. The softer ones to give volume and the more rigid ones for combing and designing. Resulting in lashes that are perfectly sculpted and flexible film.


On first application, my lashes looks slightly extended. On second application, it’s longer and thicker. I loved it for it doesn’t clumps up! It lasted perfectly throughout the day without any smudging issue thanks to its sweat and waterproof formula.

Sport Addicted Balm  – RM59

Available in 3 different shades : Pure Vanilla, Node Rose and Burgundy

This lipbalm contains SPF15 with a soft and comfortable texture for pleasant application.


OMG…this lipbalm rocks! I’m using the Pure Vanilla scented lip balm and I’m so in love with the sweet tinge scent. The texture is extremely soft and lightweight. Upon application, my lips are deeply moisturise and smoother than before. Best is it offers a gently, tinted glossy look. Even during my sports time, my lips was flawless with a hinge of shininess *wink*

Sport Addicted Fixer – RM99


The most important step is definitely to FIX your makeup! Keep your makeup looking great from sunrise till sundown with this make up fixer. Sport Addicted Fixer is lightweight and fresh with its innovative water-based texture. It leaves an imperceptible film that fixes your face makeup in a single step.

To use, just lightly shake the makeup fixer and spritz on! As its watery based texture, I didn’t feel an ounce of stickiness nor oiliness after application. Loved it for it makes my makeup resistant to sweat and heat!

Verdict: In a nutshell, I TOTALLY DIG Sport Addiction Makeup Collection! It’s a MUST HAVE and the price is certainly affordable. All of the products are lightweight without an ounce of sticky texture. It gives my skin a flawless radiant look (like zero makeup) and yet sits comfortably throughout the day. Loved how I still look amazingly fresh even after post work-out!

PUPA Sport Addicted Make-up is now exclusively available at all SaSa outlets! For more information, feel free to visit  SaSa’s Facebook Malaysia

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