(Review) The Best of Sound in Work or Play with Sudio Nio Wireless Earphones

Sudio Nio MP

Working from home and having virtual meetings is  really frustrating when you don’t have good earphones to ensure the quality of sound.  Sudio, a Swedish audio technology company, has recently released their latest wireless earphones, Nio. Now, I’ve heard amazing reviews from colleagues and friends about Sudio’s gadgets, so I’m pretty excited try it for myself. I had the privilege of getting the sand Sudio Nio, so here’s my personal take on it.


Sudio Nio is the company’s newest true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds and have adaptive dual microphone technology. There are 4 colors available such as black, white, green and sand.

Sudio Nio – Chic & Stylish Casing

Gosh, sand color is really gorgeous and I like the stylish and chic casing. There’s a single LED battery indicator on the casing. When the battery is running low, it will turn orange. You can also find the battery indicator on the earbuds too. To charge, just connect it to the USB-C port. If you have any problem using Sudio Nio, just look at the casing’s bottom and press the reset button.

Sudio boasts 5.5 hours of playtime from a 1.5-hour charge, and 20 hours for a full charge. It’s pretty easy to pair using the Bluetooth and it connects with my device instantly. The earphones come with 4 silicon wing sizes to fit different ears.  It’s also rated with reliable IPX4 protection (in general language, it means resistant to water splashes from any direction)

How to control the earphones volume?

The earphones have a good touch sensitivity. To adjust or control sound volume, just follow the touch controls instructions:

  • Single press– play/pause
  • Double press – previous track (left earbud) / next track (right earbud)
  • Triple press– reduce volume (left earbud) / increase volume (right earbud)
  • 1-sec press– Answer calls
  • 2-sec press– Decline calls
  • 3-sec press– Hang up calls.

My Verdict

Overall, I like the look and feel of Nio. The sleek small casing makes it easy to carry around. I have several concerns when using a wireless earphone. The first would be the sensitive touch panels and Nio has got this right. Compared to my previous experience using other wireless earphones, a light touch on the panel resulted in music being pause/stop accidentally. With Nio, this doesn’t happen.

Second concern would be whether my earphone will slip out during a workout. Again, I was amazed by Nio. I do cardios such as Zumba, Hitt, BodyStep and etc. It never once slips and fits snugly, comfortably in my ears due to the silicon tips till the end of my workout.

Lastly, as a parent I’m sometime worry about not hearing my kids when I have my wireless earphones on. Although this might cause a slight distraction, I feel its safer to be able to hear my kids. With Nio, I’m able to have a great quality sound but yet at same time not totally blocking out noises from the background. (Note: This is very much up to a your individual preference)

Here’s a good news! Use my code “ROLLNIO” to get 15% off your order at www.sudio.com.my . On top of that, when you purchase Sudio Earphone during 15th February – 21st March 2021, you’ll get a Sudio Earbuds Care Kit for Free!

Cleanse & Care With My Sudio Earbuds Care Kit!

Great to have my own Sudio Earbuds Care Kit  to cleanse and care for my Sudio Nio. It’s easy to use as there’s detailed instructions in the box.

See, how easy to use 😀

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll enjoy your very own Sudio journey too!

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