Review: Ultimate Body Relaxation with Ogawa Master Drive Plus

Ogawa Master Drive Plus

When you’re tired and in need of a good ‘rub down’ but the nearest massage center is located far far away. What would you do? Simple, just get yourself a massage chair and place it at home. Hence, you can enjoy it 24 hours a day, anytime at your own convenience.

I had the opportunity to review Ogawa Master Drive plus. The all new state-of-the-art massage chair provides an experience that combines the best of holistic therapy with technology and innovations offering me the ultimate head-to-toe relaxation.


Ogawa Master Drive Plus

I like the classic aesthetics design of The Master Drive Plus. With its refined finishing and craftsmanship featuring soft full hood and seat cushion, one can easily sit there for hours. I also noticed the length space of the massage chair is pretty good too. Lastly, the creamy color also known as ‘Khakis’ certainly complements any home space.

Ogawa Master Drive Plus
Super comfy head rest


Ogawa Master Drive Plus
Initializing the ‘Health Tracker’

Powered by brand new high-performance M.5 Gen™ (microprocessor) which provides quicker response and accurately adjust massage programs at my command. Thus, giving me the best massage experience ever.  The innovative massage chair is also equipped with 4D thermal roller with eight sets of sensors. Another unique feature would the handheld device called the Health Tracker. This unique technology combination tracks and identifies fatigue and acupressure points in the upper and lower body. Just put your fingers on the tracker and it will feed this information into the microprocessor to analyze the data. With AI-Powered Automated Analytics, it then initiates a list of recommended massage programs that is most suitable to improve one’s wellbeing.

Massage Programs

Ogawa Master Drive Plus

If you’re worried about the lack of massage techniques or programs on Master Drive Plus, rest assure you have tons to choose from. Apart from the Health Tracker, there’s 23 pre-programmed massage sessions, with up to 500 personalized massage combinations to meet individual body conditions.

Ogawa Master Drive Plus

You can choose personalized programmed to alleviate stress symptoms, improve blood circulation, loosen tense muscles and indulge in more relaxation than before. I especially love the program that alleviate stress symptoms. My body feels so refresh after each round of 20 minutes’ massage from top-to-toe.

Visual and Sound

Ogawa Master Drive Plus

In the past, when you are enjoying your massage, I’m sure you wished there was a movie or music playing to accompany you. Well, you got it with Master Drive Plus! Using the M-Drive Navigator that’s paired with all new 7-inch touch screen display with OS 2, feel free to select your favorite movie, drama or music whilst enjoying your massage.

The sound system is truly fantastic as the Master Drive Plus is equipped with premium Harman Kardon speakers. Plus, you can also set the mood-setting light therapy to get you in the mood.

My Verdict

 Ogawa Master Drive Plus

There are a couple of things in Ogawa, Master Drive Plus that truly set it apart from other massage chair brands in the market. Firstly, is the Health Tracker which identifies our body’s need and recommend a personalized massage to get rid of fatigue. The acupressure points in the upper and lower body is simply amazing!

Ogawa Master Drive Plus

Second, is definitely the arm rest massager which gently massages our tired arms. Other massage chairs don’t have this function at all! Third, is the adjustable level for leg room, even the tallest man in my family can easily stretch his entire body in this chair. Last but not least, the Master Drive Plus also pays extra attention to our legs, knee and ankles as well. It’s a really great buy!

Ogawa, Master Drive Plus is available in Fox Red, Espresso and Graphite, at all OGAWA stores nationwide, whilst The Master Drive Plus AI comes in three colours – Urban Khaki with Woodgrain Panel, Black and Grey. Got to say its worth the investment!

If you would like further information on Ogawa, please visit their website, Facebook page and Facebook page

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    1. at the time of review, the price wasn’t announce yet. But if not wrong there are few range available for this product, hence price starts from RM18K onwards.

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