(Review) Weekend Family Fun @ Kiddomo Universe, The Starling Mall

Kiddomo Universe MP

As parents to two active boys, we always ensure we have bonding time during the weekends. We will usually bring them out to the malls or conduct play dates with our friends. There’s never a need to bring them to explore indoor children playground until I heard about Kiddomo Universe.

Kiddomo Universe

What makes Kiddomo Universe special? It’s the first playland of its kind in Malaysia offering innovative environment designed to encourage independent discovery. Kiddomo Universe is also a certified Children Educational Playland. Children with their natural curiosity habits will be inspire to this imaginative play.

There are 15 stations of classical play with the latest technology build into the 14,000 square feet playland.

Ticket Price:

Kiddomo Universe

Being a playground filled with wonderous technology equipment, the price is rather reasonable. Kids and adults alike, can spend the whole day exploring the many zones and activities in Kiddomo Universe

Psst…Remember to bring your own socks or else you need to purchase one *wink*

Upon entering, we’re all given a smart band. Fret not if you misplaced the smart band, you will not be penalised and you can get an instant replacement at the front counter. The smart band will save all the experiences and activities in you’ve participated in. At the end of the day, you can print pictures of the activities in Kiddomo Universe.

Here are some of the zones we’ve explored for the day.

Create Your Dream Role aka Selfie World

Kiddomo Universe

Take a picture, key in your nickname and choose a character of your choice. The character will represent you for the rest of the day. The smart band will saved all the information on the system.

The boys were overly excited to take their own selfie, edit it and select their dream role.

Art Box

Kiddomo Universe

Donned on your painting head and start creating your portrait.

Dinosaurs  Alive

Kiddomo Universe

The Dinosaurs Alive is a dark room with projection of the Jurassic World era. You might not find it interesting but look carefully and you’ll realise that the dinosaurs in the projection are actually drawn by the kids.

Kiddomo Universe

How to go about it? Select your favourite dinosaur picture and coloured it with the kids. Once done, scanned the picture and it will be uploaded on the projection. Remember, to scan your smartband as well.

Dino Discovery Pool

Kiddomo Universe


You might think this is like any other indoor ball poll. Boy are you in for a surprise! There are hidden dinosaur’s eggs inside this pool.

Kiddomo Universe

The kids will need to find these dinosaur eggs. Once you find the Dino Egg, head to the Dinosaur Discovery Centre to hatch it. It will reveal which dinosaur you found. On my son first try, he found an empty egg but that didn’t deter him as he continue his quest to find another Dino Egg. You can also save the hatched dinosaur into your smart band.

Kiddomo Universe

This is perhaps the most fun area for kids and adults alike. Plus, its super insta-worthy too!

Homuri Café

In Kiddomo Universer, there is an ‘in-house’ cafe called Homuri Café. It is a kids’ friendly café with healthy fusion Japanese Western food.

Luna Slider aka Candy Crush Slide

Kiddomo Universe

Another favourite zone by the kids as they run up and slide down the colourful slider. Now, you might be wondering why I called it the Candy Crush Slide. Reason being is when you slide down, you are playing a game to collect points. At the end of the slide, your collected points will be revealed.

Magic Academy

Kiddomo Universe

Come and be Harry Potter and try your wizardry skills at this interactive zone. This is a tough one to play as the sensors are sensitive. My boys couldn’t play this properly as they couldn’t keep still.

However, they had a good laugh using the wand to create their own spells and chants. This game is more suited for kids aged above 7 years old.

Kara’ o kid

Kiddomo Universe


A room to sing together with the kids can be plenty of fun. There’s a camera that captures us singing and showcased it as a music video. Guess what’s my boys favourite song? It’s ‘Baby Shark’ dodododo 😀

Magic Mirror

Kiddomo Universe

Have a go at this reflective projection that captures and senses your body movements. Capture the flying fruits and see how much you score at the end of the game. It can be pretty exhausting as we had to flap our hands and move our body accordingly. Again, I would say that this is more suited for kids aged 7 and above.

Baby Gym

Kiddomo Universe

If your kid is below two, then check out the baby gym. It’s filled with products from award-winning Weplay brand that have been designed to cater to the holistic developmental needs of young children.

Pony Ride

Kiddomo Universe

Giddy up on your pony and ride away!

On certain weekends, there are workshop and classes conducted at Kiddomo Universe.

Kiddomo Universe
Reading area. Next to its Glass House to conduct events

These activities are Free of charge and is inclusive in the tickets you’ve purchased. Hence, the ticket price although might seem steep is certainly justified. Kids can spend hours there exploring all the zones.

For more information on Kiddomo Universe, please visit their website at http://www.kiddomo.com/

Kiddomo Universe
Lot T-326, Level 3, The Starling,
No.6, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama,
47400, Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E.
Tel: 012-7027 969
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.kiddomo.com/

Operation Hours:
Mon- Sun: 10am- 10pm

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