(Review) Yay Or Nay To Kose Lip Gel Magic

This is one back dated post and finally I’ve got time to share my two cents about Kose Lip Gel Magic.  I apply lipstick everyday for it enhance my looks making me look more energetic and less pale. Even without makeup on, lipstick is always a MUST for me. I’m sure all the ladies out there agrees with me!

However, we’ve always faced a problem after applying lipstick… It’s the dreaded LIPSTICK STAINS on our food, tea cup and clothes! Now, ladies we’ve got a magical solution from Kose Lip Gel Magic, which is a powerful lipstick coating gel.

Below are the benefits of Kose Lip Gel Magic:

  • Creates a top coatgel that helps to protect lipstick from fading off
  • Locking our lipstick on lips so that it lasts longer through the day
  • Provides moisture our lips and gives our lips a glossy finish

What’s the formula used to create this magical lip gel? Kose Lip Gel Magic contains:

  • Fluorine Coating Powder – Creates a gel layer that prevents lipstick from migrating onto other surfaces
  • Squalane and Hyaluronic Acid – Moisture the lips, leaving it kissably-soft
  • Super Lasting Ingredients – Prevent lipstick from smearing and smudging

In terms of packaging, the design is pretty simple. Love the fact that it’s a handy palm tube size which makes it easy to bring along in our hand bag. Kose Lip Gel Magic comes in a semi-opaque gel texture and its fragrance free. Upon, application it will seem like you’ve applied gloss on it.


Firstly, apply your favourite lipstick . Then shake Kose Lip Gel Magic (for about 2 secs) with the cap on. This will turn the gel into a  semi-transparent coating. Pump a tiny amount of gel on your finger tip and gently swipe onto your lips.

 Ta da…see how my lips are coated to give off the glossy look 😀

To test it out, upon application I had a small mini tea session at home. Results…I’m amazed for its really transfer-proof, say goodbye to STAIN!


Kose Lip Gel Magic certainly does the trick to ensure our lipstick is transfer-proof. Apart from that, it keeps my lips moisturize while lipstick stays on longer (estimate about 3 – 4 hours). A  tip to share ‘Do not rub your lips together repeatedly or keep touching your lips after application’ for it’ll remove the coating faster.

Look it’s stainless!!!

There’s just one tiny little problem with Kose Lip Gel Magic. It’s a tad troublesome to apply. Firstly, you’ve got to put on lipstick, then apply the gel coating with your fingers. Although it does comes in a handy tube size which you can apply anywhere and anytime, one can’t help but wish there’s a roll-on applicator for it.

If you can overlook this tiny problem, Kose Lip Gel Magic just simply does the trick in ensuring stainless long lasting lipstick for the day. For more information, please feel free to check out KOSE Facebook | KOSE Official Website.

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