Sasa Dermoscience Lab Roadshow @ Mid Valley Megamall

Sasa Dermoscience Lab (MP)

In every stage of growing up, our skin concerns will change. For example in our teens, we’re more than likely to have breakouts thus concerns would be focusing on acne, pore or blemish control. When we hit our 20’s, we will need to put more care in our skincare regime and will focus on brightening and UV Care. By now, in our 30’s our main skincare concern would most likely be anti-ageing and hydration.  How do we choose which work product work best for us? Sasa understands our concern and is proud to showcase their most comprehensive collection of skincare dermaceuticals brands at Dermoscience Lab Roadshow happening from now till 15th May 2016 at North Court, Mid Valley Megamall.

What is dermaceutical products? It’s actually a combination of dermatological and pharmaceutical product that’s specifically designed skincare; which is developed with the skills of pharmaceutical science and gives clinically-proven results.

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Opening speech by Ms. Grace Wong, Marketing Manager from Sasa

At the Dermoscience Lab Roadshow launching yesterday, Sasa invited some of the speakers from the participating international skincare brands such as b.liv, Skin Doctors and The Face Inc to share their product knowledge with us highlighting the  6-key skin concerns faced by consumers today:

  • Hydration,
  • Brightening (Whitening)
  • Anti-Ageing
  • Blemish Control
  • Pore Solution
  • UV Care

For each skincare concern, Sasa has identified the ultimate solution by working closely together with international renowned brands from:

  • Skin Doctors from Australia
  • The Face Inc formulated from France
  • Dr.G from Korea
  • Dr. Wu & Neogence from Taiwan
  • b.liv from Singapore

I certainly gained more in-depth knowledge on the products and have a better understanding how dermaceuticals product can assist me with my skincare concerns.  If you’re free head over to Mid Valley Megamall and learn a thing or two at the Dermoscience Lab Roadshow today. There’s free mask to be redeem from b.liv, product sampling from numerous participating brands and just complete a quick survey (like less than 3 minutes) to get free beauty samples at the roadshow.

Apart from that, get your skin analyse using the latest skin analysis device from Korea to assist in diagnosing your skin for a more accurate solution. This device will also be made available in Sasa store soon. For those, who are unable to make it to the roadshow, fear not as the Dermoscience Lab promotions is available from now till 23rd Mary 2016 in all Sasa stores nationwide. Till then, keep you posted on my next beauty event 😀

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