Stem-Cellogist TX™ Treatment by Bellewave

Lately, I noticed that my skin is dry and very dull. On top of that, my friends and family also commented on my freckles and pigmentation problem making me really self-concious about my face. An opportunity came by to try Stem-Cellogist TX™ treatment by Bellewave. Based on the Nobel Prize-winning discovery of telomeres, this comprehensive five-step treatment helps to stimulate skin’s ability to continuously regenerate with the key active – TeloXtend-TX™. It works deep within our cells, at the DNA level to prolong youthfulness and delay aging.

The 5 comprehensive steps of Stem-Cellogist TX™
The comprehensive 5 steps of Stem-Cellogist TX

Upon entering the consultation room, Ms.Alice (Beautician) explained the entire treatment and its benefits to me. With just one treatment, wrinkles and fine lines appear smoother, skin regaining tautness, elasticity and firmness as claimed by most of the customers.  During my consultation, it was highlighted that my main problem areas are dehydrated skin, freckles, pigmentation and sensitized red nose. Of course, fine lines (eyes and mouth areas) and sagging cheeks are norm as we aged.

No touch up & makeup in the photos
No touch up & makeup in my photo

My skin treatment began with a double cleanse routine to remove impurities on my face. Next, we began the five-step treatment.

Step 1: Stem-Cellogist TX™ NuEnzyme Peel 

Containing  papaya enzyme + (AHA + BHA) it helps to  dissolves dead skin cell  and promote skin renewal.  This was apply to my cleanse face and leave on for a couple of minutes. During this period, I can feel a tingling sensation on areas where skin is slightly thinner. Not to worry, as the process is not painful.

Step 2: Stem-Cellogist TX™ PhytoTensor Massage Essence I

Containing Multi – Phyto Extract this will provide the effect of instant lifting and firming. Usage method is to apply and massage on face, neck, décolletage in lifting movements and wait for it to be fully absorbed. It’s advised that during this time to minimized facial movements as it might affect the process. I can feel a slight tightening sensation as the essence works deep into my skin tissues.

Step 3: Stem-Cellogist TX™ LiftXpress Ampoule

With the key ingredient of TeloXtend-TX™ , this helps to boost my skin’s natural ability to continually restore vitality thus combating anti-aging. Massage gently on the entire face till its fully absorbed.

Step 4: Stem-Cellogist TX™ Sea Caviar Luxe Massage Cream II

The function of this product lies in its unique sea caviar abstracts that will  restore and build up my skin nutrition. Again, the method is to massage gently till its fully absorbed.

Step 5: Stem-Cellogist TX™ Gold Champagne Redensify Mask + Activator

Containing champagne extract, this mask is high in antioxidant,restructures and boost firmness of my skin. It smells as sweet as a rose and cooling on the face. Firstly, mix redensify mask with activator and apply to entire cleanse face quickly as it dries up rather fast. The final touch was to cover my eyes as well and leave it on for 20 minutes.

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Following the final step was to apply toner, moisturiser and sunblock on my face after removing the mask. Honestly, I’ve done a number of facial treatments before and I’m really impressed with the results as I can feel the tautness on the areas of my cheeks (even when I smile I can feel a slight pull). According to Alice (Beautician), this treatment effect can last for 3 days if taken care of properly. For maintenance, it is advised to be done on a monthly basis.

No touch up and makeup in the photo
No touch up and makeup in my photo
Close up comparison
Close up comparison – More radiance, lighten pigmentation & tautness in my cheek (Both pics are taken in consultation room)

This is my verdict of Stem-Cellogist TX™ :

  1. Skin has more tautness and elasticity
  2. Slight lightening tone on my freckles and pigmentation
  3. Noticed my cheeks was more firm and lifted
  4. No more redness on my nose
  5. Glowing vitality
After more than 24 hours, the effect of Stem-Cellogist TX ™ is still noticeable
After more than 36 hours, the effect of  tautness and firming is still noticeable.

It’s definitely worth it and I guaranteed you will be amazed by the results. For more information, please refer to

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