My Top 5 favourite Korean Girl bands

The popular Girls Generation
The ever popular Girls Generation

There’s something about Korean Girl bands that people just love. Is it because they’re prettier or has a better voice? In my opinion, I think its just the way that their songs are fantastically upbeat and catchy and not to mentioned they’ve got killer dance moves.

In fact, whenever I chanced upon SBS or our local TV showing Mnet Countdown or Korean music awards , I get glued to the the TV set till the shows end. My nieces are similarly glued to the sofa watching it with me and singing along with it. (Note: My niece automatically pick up the language without attending any classes, according to her its all from youtube)

Now, I’ve never been able to tell apart the bands as they all looked similar with their beautiful faces, sexy outfits and colourful hair. So, who’s my favourite Korean Girl Band…here’s my Top 5 list:

1) Girl’s Generations

2) Sistar

3) T-ara

4) 2NE1

5) Wonder Girls

Perhaps in another year or so my list will change as they keep adding more girls band in Korea.

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