Styling products that cares for your hair, be it silky straight or wavy curls

Every woman loves to look good from top to toe and so do I. Apart from makeup and dressing, hair plays an important role too. Since,  having my own home hairstyling products the Philips KeraShine range I can always either opt for ‘straight’ or ‘curls’ hair look. Today, I’m sharing my experience of using the products.

First, up is Philips KeraShine Dryer which is infused with ionic care to effectively eliminate frizz and provide gentle drying. The products has 2 temperature settings – the Thermoprotect temperature feature and a cool air setting to fit my needs. Normally, using my own hair dryer (X brand) to blow dry and after combing thru with a wide tooth brush my hair its still frizzy and tangled up as well. However, using the Philips KeraShine Dryer my hair was smooth, non -frizzy and free of tangles.

HD Box

Refer to the pictures, I’m only using my hands to blow dry and the results is amazing! In fact, my niece even asked me whether I went to a salon.

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After drying my hair, I decided that I wanted to have wavy curls for the day. I quickly heat up my Philips KeraShine Heating Styling brush, 45mm barrel featuring keratin coating with ionic care that gently create lasting curls. The product has 2 styling temperature settings to cater to different hair types and reduce hair damage. My favourite was the retractable bristles as it will minimize tugging during curling ensuring hassle free hair.

Curler Box

I prefer the natural wave look instead of tight screw curls, as my hair is thicker, I set the temperature at its highest . To start styling, I take a medium size portion of my hair and curl inwards. It took me less than 15 minutes to achieve my curls and without any hair fall on the floor. Some tips to note while using the styling brush:

  1. Curl your hair inwards or outwards (either 1 direction) for an organized look.
  2. Hold the curler for at least 15 seconds.
  3. When releasing the curler, do it horizontally.

Check out my pictures for a step by step guide  (do note this is the first time I’m using a curler):

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On some days, I perfer the ‘straight’ hair look and for this I’ll used Philips KeraShine Straightener. The ceramic plates equipped with ionic technology and keratin coating is meant for smooth thick hair . A plus factor is the extra-large plates which take just 60 seconds to reach 210°C – the professional styling temperature. As mentioned earlier, I’ve got thick hair and some days its quite unruly.

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Using the Philips KeraShine Straightener it took me less than 10 minutes to get the model straight hair look, if compared to other straightener (X brands) I’ve used it normally takes 30 minutes or more. One thing to note, the product is slightly warmer to touch; thus I’ll switch it off every time I straighten a portion of my hair. I prefer straightening my hair and curl inwards at the end to create some style with added volume.

A quick step by step guide:

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My verdict is that Philips KeraShine range is easy to use and totally worth buying. Not only a great styling tool its also equip with ionic care, thus lessening my fear of hair damage considerably. Within a pricing range from RM169 – Rm199, it’s absolutely a bargain! The products is now available at the Philips Brand Store at Publika Shopping Gallery, major electrical and departmental stores and on



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