Taiwan Beauty & Trade Expo 2017 Malaysia

Taiwan Beauty Trade Expo 2017

Looking back it has been 3 years since my last trip to Taiwan. Till now, I still missed the beautiful scenery, warm friendly hospitality, fantastic food and most importantly beauty products. I’m sure most of you are aware that Taiwan is a beauty heaven filled with natural skincare, mask and make up. Each of it has great quality and comes in affordable prices too! Here’s the good news, Taiwan Beauty & Trade Expo 2017 is happening in Malaysia. Time to grab ourselves some fantastic Taiwan beauty products!

Taiwan Beauty & Trade Expo 2017

  • Date: 9 – 11 November 2017
  • Time: 10am to 6pm
  • Venue: Hall 4 & 5, KL Convention Centre

Since the implementation of “Taiwan Beauty Alliance” (TBA) project in year 2016, it has received positive response. . In fact, Mr. Terry Chen, General Manager of Tair Jiuh Enterprise, representative of the Taiwan Beauty Alliance hopes this event can highlight and deepen consumer awareness of Taiwanese beauty products. This year TBA leads 12 Taiwanese beauty brand manufacturers to participate in the Taiwan Beauty VIP Event at the “Taiwan Expo 2017” Malaysia.

We’ve got popular Taiwanese brands such as Arwin, City Color, Gold Nanotech, Kuan Yuan Lian and LSY. There’s also Miss Hana, My Beauty Diary, PSK, SH-RD, SOLONE, TSAIO and UNICARE. Beauty junkies are you excited to find out more about the brands? Let’s take a quick glimpse of each brand below:

Arwin Bio-Tech (Taiwan)

There are 2 brands in Arwin Bio-Tech known as ARWIN and BIOCHEM. With the mission to “beautify women throughout, from head to toe, and from inside out”. BIOCHEM is their latest developed affordable high quality, DIY, aesthetics grade skincare product. Both products range includes skincare, bodycare, hair care and many more. For more information, head to www.arwin.com.tw

Herdsman Enterprises

Introducing a well-known Taiwanese brand known as PSK. Their bestselling product Beanne Pearl Cream is highly promoted in over 30 countries. Their products show high quality of Made in Taiwan (MIT). Product range includes skincare, colour cosmetics and mask. More information, can be found at www.herdsman-cosmetic.com

Tairjiuh Enterprise

Started as an OEM/ODM company, they’re now proud to present their own brand City Color. Developed with expertise in translating fashion images into cosmetic world, I bet the ladies would love the sleek colours. Check out more details at www.tairjiuhgroup.com

Gold Nanotech

GNT focuses on R&D and manufacture of precious metal material, and utilize PVD technology to produce active and high-purity gold. This technology is apply on skincare, beauty device, food, beverage and pharmaceutical fields. With it, they introduced gold series products (cream, serum, facial mask), ampoule and many more. Find out more details at www.gnt.com.tw

Kuan Yuan Lian

Famous for their Kuan Yuan Lian Loofah Moist, this natural moisturizing facial toner is infused with pure cucumber extract. Well known to produce skincare products with the motif of “Nature Insistence, Friendly Brand”, Kuan Yuan Lian manufactures offers us natural skincare at its best. Most of their products feature ingredients that are strictly extracted from aloe, cucumber, rose, green tea and many other good local quality botanical essence. More information can be obtained at www.cucumber.com.tw

Lam Sam Yick

For the past century, Lam Sam Yick is known in Taiwan as a brush writing maker. Recently, it has expanded into a new market featuring handmade brushes under their brand LSY professional cosmetic brushes. Made with only the finest hair, this handmade brushes are the top choice of makeup tool among makeup artists and stylists. Find out more at www.lsy031.com

MIHO International Cosmetic

Most of us have or are users of Miss Hana and Hanaka. The products provide outstanding quality and highly affordable trendy cosmetics for young women. It carries a complete cosmetics range such as foundation, concealers, lipstick, blusher and so forth. Check out more details at www.86shop.com.tw

My Beauty Diary

Well, I’m sure most of you have heard of this brand. In fact, I’m an avid user of My Beauty Diary facial mask. It’s one of Taiwan’s leading facial mask brand. For latest product information, visit www.ppc-life.com.tw

Shaan Honq Int’l Cosmetics

One of the leading MIT brand in the hair industry, Shaan Honq has more than 100 halal-certified hair product. Ranging from shampoo, conditioners, treatments and hair color. Find out more at www.shaahong.com.tw


Solone is a renowned makeup brand in Taiwan. It has won numerous beauty awards and is widely recognized by the beauty experts. Their best seller is its eyeliner pencil which claims to be super waterproof, sweat proof with a smooth glide. One can find the complete makeup series here. More product information can be found on www.solone.com.tw

High Belem Chemistry

One of the more popular natural skincare products in the world is none other than TSAIO. With global R&D partners in Japan and EU, TSAIO produces a wide range of products suitable for daily usage. With 40 years of R&D, TSAIO formulate their products based on ‘plant regeneration ability’. You can find the full range of skin cares and necessities from the brand at www.highbelem.com

Unicare Biotechnology

Lab101 is a professional medical skincare brand from Taiwan which commits to create simple, scientific, effective formula in a full range of products. Whilst the other brand Unicare is based on dermatology offering high efficiency and safety. Check out more information at www.unicare.com.tw

I had fun exploring all the above beauty products from Taiwan. Not to mention, grab and restock my beauty cupboard at the same time. Head over to Taiwan Beauty & Trade Expo 2017, to find out more of these wonderful products. Don’t miss this opportunity as it only happens once in a year!

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