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Row Six MP

Craving for Asian Fusion cuisine but yet unable to find a restaurant that provides multiple choices. Fret no more, you can now head to Row Six, Setia City Mall and sample delicious Southeast Asia cuisines from Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam plus Malaysia!

Row Six is born from the concept of all about Nanyang (a reference to the ethnic Chinese migrant population in Southeast Asia countries). Through the centuries, Nanyang cuisines has evolved to localized dialects and lifestyle. Hence, at Row Six you’re able to taste the best of Southeast Asia dishes.

Walking into Row Six, you’ll feel comfortable with the relaxing  atmosphere. The place decor theme is wood interior blend in with colourful tiles and comfortable seats. Earthy tones and soft tones lights, creates a warm ambience for all customers. Are you ready to for my review? Will then, let’s go!


Mojito – RM9.95

Quench and refresh yourself with this cooling Mojito made with lemon, lime, peppermint and lemongrass.

Tropical Thanh Long – RM12.95

I love this drink featuring dragon fruit, ripe sweet bananas and topped with coconut slushy.

Mango Selasih With Cream – RM11.95 (Slurpee Series)

One of the best slurpee I ever had. Loved the sweet mango mix with sago and smooth creamer.

Vietnam Coffee – RM6.95 (Cold)

I was never a fan of Vietnam Coffee but after having a taste of Row Six’s Vietnam Coffee, I’ve changed my mind. The blend of mild roasted coffee mix with rich creamer, makes this coffee flows smoothly in my throat. Every sip is just so good!


Cockles in Sambal Sauce – RM9.95

This dish is amazingly good. The blend of fragrant sambal with a touch of red chili spiciness and fried onions combines with the cockles will definitely get you asking for more.

Chicken Satay (6 sticks) – RM16.95

Everyone loves satay. At Row Six the satay stick are bbq to perfection, the meat is tender and yet retain its juiciness. Dip it into the flavourful peanut gravy for that extra flavourful. It taste equally great without gravy as well. On the side, there’s ketupat, cucumbers and onions for garnishing.


Nasi Ketuk Chicken Rendang (Indonesia) – RM21.95

A dish similar to our famous Nasi Kerabu, here we’ve got Nasi Ketuk from Indonesia. This dish is unique for it features herbs, lemongrass and galangal thus making it more fragrant. The chicken rendang is simmer to perfection until buttery soft with deep flavours. Each bite is rich and meaty. The best is the spicy sambal that lit up my mouth. I use it to dip with  keropok and fried egg. This is truly a supercilious dish!

Nasi Ketuk With Seafood Sambal Petai (Indonesia) – RM25.95

There are many ways to enjoy Nasi Ketuk and one of it is to pair with Seafood Sambal Petai. Fragrant soft rice always goes well with rich seafood flavour dish. Top with sambal petai for that extra kick! On the side, there’s fried egg and keropok too.

Pho (Vietnamese Beef Noodle) – RM21.95

A classic dish from Vietnam with complex aromas. Before diving into the dish, squeeze the lime juice all over it. Next, pour springy bean sprouts into it. Now, you’re ready to dive in the fresh soft rice noodles. It’s topped with fragrant broth, herbs and beef. (You can have it in chicken as well). A great dish to warm the stomach.

Singapore Chicken Curry Laksa – RM16.95

This classic laksa dish need no introduction. Featuring al-dente noodles submerge in rich coconut spicy broth. Did you notice the generous topping of cockles, sliced chicken and bean sprouts  in this dish? Love it!

Tomyam Goong with Rice & Satay – RM24.95

Fans of Tomyam will love this dish. Enjoy tender, meaty satay paired with a bowl of flavourful warm spicy Tomyam Goong. Take a closer look, the Tomyam soup is filled to brim with assorted seafood such as Mussels, squids, prawns and many more.


Jack Fruit With Rice Ball – RM11.55

Dessert’s lovers should definitely order this. This bowl of dessert features honey dew pudding submerge in rich ‘Gula Melaka’. There’s also Vanilla ice cream and sweet jackfruit topped generously on it. Bite into the soft rice ball which is filled with black sesame. One words sums it – AWESOME!

Snow Fungus With Sea Coconut – RM6.95

A classic dessert that all women love. This sweet and healthy dessert has lotus seeds, snow fungus and sliced sea coconut. Those red dates are super sweet.

This was an extremely scrumptious meal. I was caught off by surprised with all the rich flavours found in all the dishes. Now, I too am a huge fan of Row Six. By the way, Row Six is having a promotion now, whereby customers can apply membership card for free and received vouchers worth up to RM100! *while stock last & applicable in Setia City Mall only.


Just in case you missed out this opportunity, I’ve got Five (5) of these memberships to be won. How? Easy, just leave a comment in my blog and winners will be randomly selected on 17 Nov 2017.  To increase your chances in winning, you may also participate the contest in my Facebook Page *wink*

Wishing everyone all the best in the contest! Till then, keep you posted on my next yummy journey!

Row Six (Located at Level 7, next to bowling alley)
Setia City Mall
No.7, Persiaran Setia Dagang,
Setia Alam,
40710, Shah Alam
+603- 3358 4122
 Row Six Setia City

Operation Hours:
Monday – Sunday: 10am – 10pm

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