Visiting Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia At Viva Home

Extremely stoked d-day I’m waiting for is finally here! It’s the Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia (HKGA) exhibition which is taking place at Viva Home Expo Hall. Japan’s most iconic character Hello Kitty will be here together with her Sanrio friends for a month-long carnival starting from now till 19th January 2016. Pictures from official Hello Kitty Go Around website indicates that it’s going to be a  vintage American carnival theme with tons of Hello Kitty displays, artworks, game booths and workshops. I opted to go on a weekday to avoid the massive crowd and was there early in the morning together with my sister and nieces.

The Gang - HKGA
Thanks to my nieces and sister for accompanying me 😀

Upon, arriving at Level 2, you’ll spot the ticketing counter and I went there to purchase additional tickets as well as redeem my media passes. With every ticket purchased, you’re entitled to a collectible card and Hello Kitty lanyard. The ticket also comes together with 2 gaming vouchers.

Loved the colourful and brightly lighted Hello Kitty Go Around (HKGA) entrance.

Que at HKGA

Before entering the exhibition, let’s take a picture at the Hello Kitty Ticketing counter:

Me at HKGA

After checking in the exhibition, the first thing to encounter was the Hello KItty Merry Go Round. Every picture will cost RM15 each. If you opt for a HKGA frame, then it’ll cost RM28. At the exhibition, look for the HKGA Staff to redeem a FREE Hello Kitty collectible card when you log onto Facebook and ‘LIKE’ HKGA page.

Hello Kitty Merry Go Round
Hello Kitty Merry Go Round

There are many game booths available in HKGA which you can redeem with the gaming voucher. Each gaming voucher is valued at RM12.50. There’s also a combo package available, Buy 5  vouchers for RM50 and receive four Hello Kitty limited edition cards!

Hello Kitty Memory Garden has many cute sculptures for photo opportunities and right next door is the Hello Kitty Cafe. If you’re tired, take a break and enjoy some snacks and drinks. There are also other booths available to purchase snacks.

Walking along, we came upon the Sanrio Friends Express Train and thought it was a railway ride around the exhibition. However, it’s only a display for you to take pictures.

Sanrio Friends bus stop where my sister and nieces posed crazily.

Waiting for bus - HKGA

The Hello Kitty Fashion Catcher is one of the best place to take pictures with Hello Kitty dolls.

Fashion Catcher - HKGA

Top 3 places to redeem your gaming vouchers:

1 ) The Apple Temple –  In here, you can use the voucher to redeem a Hello Kitty coin and make a wish. There’s a memorabilia to bring home it’s a Hello Kitty Apple Board *awesome*

2)  Hello Kitty Post Office – Redeem a postcard and stamp it and take home the Hello Kitty limited edition postcard.

3) Hello Kitty Instax Booth –  Take a picture with Hello Kitty sculpture and it’s immediately printed on Hello Kitty Instax Film.

Two workshops are available for kids and parents to participate in (creative bonding time with kids) as follows:

1 ) Kitty Totes by Dear Daniel  – RM28 for 1 tote bag + 4 stamps + 1 limited edition Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia Badge.

2) Hello Kitty Workshop (Handicraft Corner) – Purchase a 5D Hello Kitty Artwork and decor it. Price range from RM90 – RM100 per artwork.

Being a Hello Kitty Fan, I definitely checked out the Toys Store and Merchandising area. Prices are the usual ranging from RM20 and above.

Oh my…what a beautiful flower stall, wish I can take the flowers home.

Flowers Stall - HKGA

Nothing much in the Sanrio Cinema except for sculptures. There’s also a stage area but performances and Hello Kitty appearances only will happen on weekends *boo hoo*

As you exit, another big poster for photo opportunity.

Exit Sign - HKGA

Stepping outside the exhibition, there will be an area selling Hello Kitty merchandise ranging from apparels, fragrance, toys and lots more.

I headed down to G Floor and show my admission tickets to HKGA ticketing counter to gain entry and take a picture at the Hello Kitty Ferris Wheel. You can also purchase tickets here as well. We left the exhibition smiling happily as we’ve got tons of photos with Hello Kitty that day.

Ferris Wheel Hello Kitty - HKGA

Here are the ticket price for references: (Note: Kids price- available for 1 – 11 years old only)

  • Weekday: RM45 (Adult) / RM35 (Kids)
  • Weekend: RM65 (Adult) / RM55 (Kids)
  • Special Day: RM85 (Adult) / RM75 (Kids)

Entitlement for special days (refers to 24th Dec, 25th Dec, 31st Dec, 1st Jan and 16th Jan):

  • 5 game vouchers + 5pcs collectible cards + 1 tote bag + 1 lanyard + Meet & Greet session

Entitlement for weekdays / weekend tickets:

  • 2 game vouchers + 1 collectible card + 1 lanyard

Sculpture - HKGA

So, here are some of my thought’s on the exhibition:

Positive Note:

  • Spacious walking area and not too cluttered
  • Friendly staff with big smiling faces.  In fact, they were kind enough to help me snap photos too.
  • All of the game booths offers only Hello Kitty Merchandise for us to win (that might amount to the reason gaming vouchers cost RM12.50 each)
  • Loved the fact that I can touch and sit as close possible to snap photos with Hello Kitty sculptures (heard that during Doraemon’s exhibition there were a lot of restrictions on this matter)
  • Clear signage to indicate the areas and booths that we’re visiting. Plus includes detail information as well.

Negative Note:

  • Everything is steep at HKGA, so prepare more cash. Game booths and workshops are all chargeable.
  • On weekdays, there are no special performances or appearances by Hello Kitty.
  • No rides or playground available for kids, even the Sanrio Cinema doesn’t have a video playing inside.

What’s the verdict? Perhaps my expectations was higher so this exhibition was kinda disappointing. Only attend if you’re a die hard fan for there’s nothing much happening inside. It only took me an hour to walk-thru the entire exhibition. Of course, if you come along with kids (below 12 years old) it’ll take you longer but do note it will also burn a hole in your pocket. However, if Sanrio Hello Kitty town in Johor Bharu is too far for you, why not swing by Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia for a tour.

Hello Kitty Go Around in Malaysia
2nd Floor, VIVA Home Expo Hall
85, Jalan Loke Yew
55200, Kuala Lumpur

Tel :  +603-61423422
Email : [email protected]

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