Boiling Steamboat @ Restaurant Wong Dynasty, Kuchai Lama

Kuchai Lama is well known as a food paradise. Amongst the eateries, you’ll find Restaurant Wong Dynasty that serves tantalizing steamboat and fusion Chinese dishes. The restaurant can fit a capacity of up to 100 pax and has 2 private rooms for a cozier gathering. Fully air-cond, you need not worry about sweating too much. Restaurant Wong Dynasty also served fresh seafood on a daily basis , just head to the aquarium and select your desired seafood to be cooked in various Chinese cooking style.

To kick start, we had the Snow Fairy Crab Hotpot featuring steamy hot curry filled with a huge crab and fresh succulent prawns.

Snow Fairy Crab Hotpot - Restaurant Wong Dynasty

This yummylicious seasonal dish has great  curry flavour and loved the fact that the santan taste is not too overpowering. Best paired with vermicelli and topped with a healthy dose of ‘taugeh’.

Snow Fairy Crab Hotpot (2) - Restaurant Wong Dynasty

Next, a reminiscing dish from my confinement period ‘Ginger Wine Chicken’. Using tenderized ‘kampong’ chicken was definitely a good choice. Loved the flavourful wine broth, definitely a ‘Must Try’!

Ginger Wine Chicken Soup - Restaurant Wong Dynasty

Also tried an off-menu ala carte dish ‘The Otak Otak Fried Rice’, not of my favourite dish however it differs for each individual.

Otak Otak Fried Rice

Finally, fish was served and  we had the Steamed Patin Fish cooked in light soy sauce and sprinkle with fragrant fried garlic. Perfectly steam and fresh, this fish does not carry the usual muddy smell that patin fish is well known for. Comes highly recommended.

Patin Fish with Soy Sauce

One of my favourite dish for the night is ‘Mee Hailam’ the tangy gravy and springy noodles got me yearning for more. This dish was prepared exclusively by Restaurant Wong Dynasty owner, Mr. Freddie Wong who used to be a chef as well. Definitely a ‘Must Try’ dish!

Hailam Noodles

We do not end the night till we have our steamboat. Opted for roasted ‘pork bones based soup’, this flavourful broth certainly didn’t disappoint us.  Using a mixture of herbs and pork bones, the soup was boiled for many hours to create the fragrant tasty broth.

Pork Bones Soup Based - Restaurant Wong Dynasty

Try the handmade meatballs ranging from pork balls, prawn balls, mushroom chicken balls to dumplings. Simply chewy and bouncy, comes highly recommended.

We certainly had a feast at Restaurant Wong Dynasty, thanks for Chef Roy who brought us there for a meal and Mr.Freddie Wong who hosted us for the night. By the way, if you think he looks familiar that’s because he’s one of our veteran actor in Malaysian. Charming and friendly, he even cooked a few dishes that night and shown us the right method to have our steamboat.

Me with Chef Roy & Freddie Wong, Owner of Restaurant Wong Dynasty

If you’re around the area, do swing by and check out Restaurant Wong Dynasty, bet you’ll be surprised with the steamboat and Chinese dishes varieties that they’ve to offered.

Restaurant Wong Dynasty
No.1 , Ground Floor,
Jalan Kuchai Maju 4,
Off Jalan Kuchai Entrepreneur Park,
58200 Kuala Lumpur,
+603- 7972 1175 
Restaurant Wong Dynasty

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