Cofigar -The Place For Cigar’s Connoisseur

Café’s in Kuala Lumpur never cease to amaze me. Today, I found myself at Cofigar, a café serving coffee pair with Cuban cigar. Yes, you heard me right and this is definitely a unique concept. Realizing the market lacks a place for cigar’s lovers to gather for a puff, Cofigar was conceptualised and makes its mark 5 months ago in Taman Desa Petaling.


The first impression upon setting eyes on Cofigar, you’ll realize the décor truly embodies the concept of classic British Retro. Featuring luxury plush chairs that one can sit for hours while puffing their favourite cigars under the elegant dim chandeliers. There’s also a private room available to accommodate to bigger groups as well.

Being a café, Cofigar serves some mains dishes and desserts. There are also a variety of Guatemala and Brazil coffee and tea, one can order whilst enjoying their favourite cigar. To kick start we order some drinks for our parch throats.

Hanami Tea – RM10 (A pot for 2 pax


A fragrant flowery pot of tea with a fruity aftertaste that’s as refreshing as summer breeze.

Rose Latte – RM12.90

Loved this latte that’s not too sweet and has a fragrant rose scent. Don’t you just love the elegant British tea cup:D

Long Black – RM9.90


Classic black coffee that’s made from Guatemala and Brazil roasted coffee beans which give it’s an extremely smooth texture. It’s served together with handmade cream nutty cookies.

Chicken Bolognese Pasta – RM13


Al dente spaghetti with generous Bolognese sauce. You can opt for either Cheesy Parmesan Carbonara Pasta with Smoked Turkey Ham (RM15.50) or  Healthy Pesto Pasta (RM13.50)

Brulee Cheese Cake  – RM10.90


Creamy and moist cheese cake that’s just perfectly toasted golden brown on the top.

Dabble Chocolate Mille Cake – RM12.90


Not overly sweet, enjoy the fluffy light layers of this chocolate mille cake.

Remember I mentioned that Cofigar serves cigars, there’s a graph chart for customer to select their favourite cigars. Ain’t that easy 😀

Sit back and enjoy your Cigar while taking a sip of coffee or tea.

From top: For ladies -Gloria Cubana Puritos (RM14) & For gentlemen – Quintero Nacionalas (RM49)

Today, Cofigar introduces us to 2 different types of Cigar. For the gentlemen, try Quintero Nacionalas  and for the ladies check out the Gloria Cubana Puritos. I learn something new today about cigars, according to Cofigar they usually recommend cigars to their customers not by price but instead by how many hours they would like to puff it.

For example, the gentlemen can puff on Quintero Nacionalas for about 1 hour 30 minutes whilst the ladies can enjoy Gloria Cubana Puritos for 15 minutes. Cofigar also provides a variety of Cuban Cigars ranging from RM14 – RM267.


This was really an eye-opener for me as I learnt some interesting stuff about cigars and yet at the same time enjoyed delicious food here . Now, Cigars Connoisseurs have finally found a new place to enjoy their cigars. If you’re around the area, swing by Cofigar to have a puff with a good cup of black coffee.

3A-1, Level 3A (Plaza Salak No.2) 
Jalan 1/ 125E, Taman Desa Petaling, 
57100, Kuala Lumpur
Contact: +6016- 252 2441

Operation Hours:
Mon- Thu: 12pm – 12am
Fri & Sat:
12pm – 2am 
12pm – 12am

Note: Gosh…my mobile run out of space, thank god I’ve got my trusted PenDrive On-The-Go (OTG). with me 😀

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