Experiencing My First Live Tuna Cutting Session @ Iketeru, Hilton Kuala Lumpur

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To many of us ‘Tuna’ is deem as low class food. However, in Japan ‘Tuna’ is a luxurious gourmet that can only be enjoyed during special season. Why? It’s all due to overfishing globally, hence ‘Tuna’ has now became a luxury item in the world of culinary especially in sushi and sashimi. I’ve never seen a live tuna cutting session before and was pretty excited to be invited to Iketeru, Hilton Kuala Lumpur to see it!

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A special demonstration by Japanese Executive Chef Masami Okamoto showcasing the intricate skills of cutting a massive 30Kg fresh deep-water tuna, will leave you standing in awe! I gain new experience as Chef Okamoto explains the various parts of the tuna like otoro, chu-toro and more, as he works through the process.

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I was practically salivating watching Chef Okamoto carved and fillet the tuna together for sashimi testing. OMG…the taste of freshly cut tuna served with soy sauce and dipped with a touch of wasabi was simply heavenly!

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Was the end of our food tasting? Well, it’s not we continued the night savouring the freshly cut tuna in various combination such as Tuna Sumiso Sauce, Tuna Sashimi, Tuna Belly Soup, Teppanyaki Tuna with Truffle Teriyaki Sauce, Tekka Don with Miso Soup and Deep fried tuna with Spicy Miso Dip and more.

For me there are three dishes that stand out for the night as namely Teppanyaki Tuna with Truffle Teriyaki Sauce. It was a great tasty mixture of sweetness, juiciness and earthiness of Truffles and Teriyaki sauce.

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The second outstanding dish would be Tekka Don with Miso Soup. Freshly cut tuna sashimi served with Japanese rice. Just dip into soy sauce and enjoy the taste!

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Lastly is Deep fried tuna with Spicy Miso Dip. Now, this is an interesting dish of myriad flavours. We’ve got juicy fresh tuna and upon dip into spicy miso sauce, the taste just explore in the mouth!

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The All Tuna Fish course set dinner is priced at RM480 nett per adult inclusive of free flow red wine, white wine, juices and soft drinks and at RM300 nett per adult for food only. It’s worth every penny. This was truly a unique Japanese dining experience!

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Dinner ends with creamy black sesame ice cream!

I would definitely come back for another visit of authentic Japanese gourmet at Iketeru.

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For reservations, call Iketeru at +603 2264 2596 or visit online at www.eatdrinkhilton.com

Level 8, Hilton  Kuala Lumpur
3, Jalan Stesen Sentral, 50470, Kuala Lumpur
Contact: +03 2264 2596

Website: http://www.eatdrinkhilton.com

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